Windows 10 V1809: ADMX Template available, but flawed

[German]After the release of Windows 10 October 2018 Update (V1809), Microsoft also deployed the .admx template files for Group Policy. However, these are flawed.


Administrative templates (.admx)

The administrative template file (.admx) for Windows 10 V1809 group policy editor has been available since October 13, 2018. I was notified on Twitter as well as from the colleagues of

The download of the template files from this Microsoft site is available in several languages.

The 18.8 MB msi file installs the .admx file, which can then be used by the Group Policy Editor.

Faulty .admx entries for Microsoft Edge

Unfortunately Microsoft made a mistake when packing the installer file – at least for the German edition. Last week I received the following message via Facebook.


The Facebook user wrote to me, ‘Funny thing is that the adml in windows 1809 are okay.’ Yesterday’s comment by German blog reader Dietmar on the topic shed some light on the matter. He writes about it:

In the group policy files for download (admx) Microsoft has forgotten to update the adml file, the German translation file, MicrosoftEdge.adml. This is still the file for 1803. I don’t think it ever fitted either.

This means that a lot more to do until Windows 10 V1809 is business ready..

Additional information

On a tweet from @PhantomofMobile dated November 14, 2018, that the .admx files for Windows 10 V1809 have been released, @Karl_F1_Fan replied as follows.

There, too, someone is concerned that the group guidelines have been neatly maintained. Tero Ahonen takes a look at the Windows 10 19H1 development branch and its group policies in the following tweet.

He noticed new group policies for Storage Sense in Windows 10 Build 18282.

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  1. Francis says:

    I have the same problem with the French (fr-FR) version of MicrosoftEdge.adml. Using the file from my Windows 10 1809 French install fixes the problem.

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