Windows 10 Version 1809: Update KB4469342 v4

[German]One more short message: Microsoft has released version 4 for the KB4469342 update for testing. The update is for Windows 10 version 1809, but is only available for insiders to test.


Update KB4469342, some background

Microsoft has been working for several weeks to release the update KB4469342 for Windows 10 Version 1809. After the disaster with the release of the Windows 10 October 2018 update (V 1809), however, one has become very cautious. Version 2 of this update was released for testing for Windows 10 Insider at the end of November 2018 (see my short article Windows 10 V1809: New Updates in Release Preview Ring).

KB4469342 is a maintenance update designed to fix a huge mountain of bugs. A fix for the problem of file type mapping is planned, and the bug that separates network drives will also be addressed according to the changelog. Another fix concerns the display bug, which causes a brightness problem under Windows 10 V1809 (the brightness is set to 50% on restart). A list of documented bugs can be found in the blog post Windows 10 Version 1809: Details about Update KB4469342.

Now we have version 4 of Update KB4469342

Version 3 of this update for Windows Insider was released on December 1, 2018. Microsoft uses this to test the patch and evaluate telemetry data. It is astonishing that the content of the packages (recognizable by the comparison of the SHA-1 values between the versions) changes. I had published the blog post Windows 10 Version 1809: Update KB4469342 V3.

There was hope that this package would be generally released on last Monday to finally fix the most annoying bugs for users of version 1809. But that hope quickly broke down. As a reaction to my blog post, there was feedback from readers on Facebook that the update was probably still buggy. I had posted the short feedback as a comment in the blog:

Uninstalled it again: Edge no longer works properly, Windows Defender Application Guard no longer works, and sound problems with Realtek sound card. They still have some work to do.

Now I recognized, that version 4 of this update is available for Windows Insider. This version raises Windows 10 V1809 to build 17763.168.


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