Does Microsoft kill Edge for a chromium based browser?

[German]According to the latest rumors, Microsoft works on a browser based on Google's chromium engine. This means its Edge browser will be buried in the future.


Windows Central reported, that Microsoft is working on a chromium-based successor to the Edge. This will replace the Edge under Windows 10 at some point. Microsoft developers recently contributed code to the Chromium project. That indicates that Microsoft is working internally on its own Chromium-based browser for Windows 10.

Technically, the EdgeHTML engine, which is responsible for displaying the HTML content, will be replaced by the Chromium engine. So I could imagine using the Edge user interface, but replacing the rendering engine. This also makes a lot of sense in supporting Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), that has been introduced by Google.

This new web browser for Windows 10 is under under the code name Anaheim. Then this browser will replaces Edge as the default browser on the Windows platform, is unclear. It's also not known whether Microsoft will use a new name for the browser, or continues with the name Edge, but with a new rendering engine. Windows Central speculates that the new browsecould perhaps already be seen in the Windows 10 1H19 development cycle. But that's all speculation.

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