Surface Pro 4 replaces out of warranty confirmed by Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed, that Surface Pro 4 devices with screen issues are getting replaced, even if the device is out of warranty.


Users of Surface Pro 4 devices suffer from flickering displays on their devices. The following tweet shows the issue.

I've reported this within my blog post #flickergate: Surface Pro 4 Screen issue still unfixed. Most of those devices are out of warranty. Then in July we have had a foulty firmware update, that killed more Surface Pro 4 devices (see my blog post Surface Pro 4: Don't install July 26, 2018 firmware update).

Mid November 2018 I had another blog post MS replaces Surface Pro 4 with TouchScreen issues, saying, that Microsoft has begun to replace devices with touch screen issues. Currently, Windows United reports that Microsoft confirms that Surface Pro 4 devices with touch screen error code 10 will also be replaced outside the warranty. An English article may be found here for instance.

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