Windows error 0x80190194

[German]Windows or programs like Exchange may drop an error code 0x80190194 during update install or during sync. Here is some information about the error and its cause.


I recently came across the error code 0x80190194 within the Microsoft Answers forum. Somebody posted about an issue during update installation. This was the reason to investigate the error code more closely – and find out what the bug means. 

Some error cases

During a short search on the Internet I came across a series of hits with error code 0x80190194, but these led to different causes.

  • Update error 0x80190194: Within this Technet forum post the download of updates fails with this error code.
  • Update error 0x80190194: Also this forum post describes an update download failure win SBS 2003 SP1.
  • Update error 0x80190194 in WSUS: Within this German forum post at the error code is caused during updating from WSUS.
  • Media Creation Tool: This thread discusses the error in Media Creation Tool during an attempt to download a Windows install image. 
  • Outlook 2013/Exchange 2013: Within this Technet forum post (and here) the download of the address book (Outlook Address Book, OAB) failed with this error code.
  • Outlook sync error: Within this MS Answers forum thread a user receive this error during Outlook sync.
  • Windows Live Writer install error: Within this posting the error code is mentioned during install of WLW.
  • Error in a Windows App: Within this forum post the error code came during a api call within a Windows 8.1 app. 

The error code therefore occurs in different scenarios. Even in connection with Hyper-V and App-Debugging the error has already occurred. Therefore, it would be good if the meaning of the code were known.

What stands error 0x80190194 for?

Error code 0x80190194 could not be decoded in the tools available to me. But there are other ways to find out more about the error code. A very good explanation regarding the decoding of various error codes can be found in this stackoverflow article. It explains that 0x8019nnnn codes stand for HTTP errors. The digits nnnn then indicate the respective http error code. The value 0194 hexadecimal stands for 404 decimal. Thus, error code 0x80190194 means that the requested server has returned HTTP error 404.

The HTTP error 404, however, means ‘page not found’ for web servers. In the Windows context, error code 0x80190194 means that the file was not found on the server. On this web page (deleted) the error code is then also equivalent to HTTP_E_STATUS_NOT_FOUND (with reference to winerror.h).


Possible error causes

When using a WSUS, this simply means that it does not find the files requested by the client. Usually it is a misconfiguration of the WSUS, so that the files are missing. I have also noticed cases where insufficient access rights to a file are cited as the reason for the error. In this older thread, it was a missing Eula file that caused the error.

I have seen hits on the internet where non running services were also the cause for this error message. On Windows clients, I would consider additional software such as third-party antivirus software or proxy software as the cause. 

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