Dell Encryption fails in Windows after March 2019 updates

[German]After the March 2019 cumulative Windows updates has been installed, the Dell Encryption encryption solution fails on Windows 7 through Windows 10 with error messages such as _UNMNGD. Now Dell has released some information.


What is Dell Encryption?

Dell Encryption (formerly Dell Data Protection | Encryption) is a Dell solution for Windows (Windows 7 up to Windows 10). Dell Encryption consists of a number of applications that make it possible for you:

  • Detect data security risks on desktops, laptops and external devices.
  • Protect data on these devices by allowing administrators to enforce access policies, authentication, and encryption of confidential data.
  • Use centralized data management with policies using collaborative tools that integrate with existing user directories.

The solution also supports key and data recovery, automatic updates, and tracking for protected devices. Details can be read in this Dell document – drivers are available here.

The Problem with Dell Encryption

The Dell Encryption Local Management Console might not display any information and the activation status might be _UNMNGD_ after you install the March 2019 cumulative update. This applies to all current versions of Microsoft Windows and Dell Encryption.

@PhantomofMobile has informed me via the tweet above that Dell has published this support article about the issue.


The March 2019 cumulative update prevents Dell's Encryption Local Management Console from properly communicating with services that provide the encryption status of the device. This causes problems in the console's user interface because various components of the user interface cannot start properly or display accurate information.

Affected devices display a "Shield ID" with "_UNMNGD_" and a "Machine ID" set to "_UNINITIALIZED_" in an "About" text screen:

(Source: Dell)

Within the support article, Dell describes further details on the error image that occurs under Windows 7 to Windows 10 after installation of the March 2019 updates. Dell recommends upgrading to Dell Encryption 10.2.1 or later to fix the issue. These versions are available here.

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