Windows: Security updates for iCloud and iTunes (05/28/2019)

[German]Apple has recently released updated versions of its iCloud and iTunes applications for Windows. Those who use these clients to access Apple services should update as soon as possible.


iCloud for Windows Version 7.12

The iCloud client for Windows allows you to access various Apple services such as iCloud Drive, email, contacts, calendars, tasks or the photos or bookmarks stored in an Apple account under this operating system. A description of the functionality can be found on this Apple site.


On May 28, 2019, Apple released version 7.12 of this client for Windows. This is an unscheduled security update that closes 25 vulnerabilities. According to this Apple page, the following issues will be resolved:


  • CVE-2019-8577: An application may be able to gain elevated privileges.
  • CVE-2019-8600: A maliciously crafted SQL query may lead to arbitrary code execution.
  • CVE-2019-8598: A malicious application may be able to read restricted memory.
  • CVE-2019-8602: A malicious application may be able to elevate privileges.



  • CVE-2019-8607: Processing maliciously crafted web content may result in the disclosure of process memory
  • CVE-2019-6237, VE-2019-8571, CVE-2019-8583, CVE-2019-8584, CVE-2019-8586, CVE-2019-8587, CVE-2019-8594, CVE-2019-8595, CVE-2019-8596, CVE-2019-8597, CVE-2019-8601, CVE-2019-8608, CVE-2019-8609, CVE-2019-8610, CVE-2019-861, CVE-2019-8615, CVE-2019-8619, CVE-2019-8622, CVE-2019-8623, CVE-2019-8628: Processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution. Multiple memory corruption issues were addressed with improved memory handling.

The download of the 155 MByte program is possible on this Apple page. The client is available from Windows 7.

iTunes-Version 12.9.5 for Windows

The iTunes client is a universal multimedia management software from Apple, which is included in macOS, but is also available as a separate program for Windows 7 or later. The program allows you to play, convert, burn, organize and buy music, audiobooks, podcasts and movies and can manage content from connected iOS devices (iPod, iPad and iPhone). See this Apple website for an overview of features. dieser Webseite von Apple.

Bloomberg reports, that Apple may want to discontinue iTunes. Under macOS there should be separate apps for the iTunes functions. But it's all still a rumor.

The update to iTunes version 12.9.5 closes the same vulnerabilities as iCloud (see this Apple document). The download is possible from this Apple site.

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