Windows 10 V1903: Upgrade error 0xC1900… and a broken start menu on AMD notebooks

[German]Here’s a blog post about upgrade  upgrade errors and issues with Windows 10 May 2019 update caused by AMD’s software “Adrenalin 20xyz”. Older versions of this software can cause upgrade errors with the code 0xC1900…. And also a blog reader got a broken start menu.


The information was kindly sent to me by a German blog reader. There are still some details open which the reader has not yet answered. However, I will post the information in the blog anyway – they will certainly help those affected. Blog reader Olaf E. wrote me under the title ‘Update error 0xC190020XYZ – May-Update 2019 – missing start menu …”:

I had the experience last WE, that two laptops upgrading to May 2019 Update failed with this error message. But I quickly discovered the root cause. Both were AMD laptops.

Then he describes two different error images, which I reproduce in the following in the best possible way.

Upgrade error 0xC1900… due to “Adrenalin 20xyz”

When upgrading, i.e. installing a feature update, to version 1903, there can be all sorts of errors with a termination of the process. Many aborts return an error code 0xC1900xxx, where the placeholders xxx stand for the last three digits and provide the exact cause. In the current case, the blog reader got such an error code, but didn’t give me the xxx values. But he quickly identified the root cause of the error on the two AMD notebooks and writes:

The AMD software “Adrenalin 20xyz” was or is installed on both [AMD laptops]. It has to be completely updated to 2019. If you are unsure which AMD hardware is installed in your laptop/PC (see Radeon selection menu:, you should click on the “Automatic detection and installation” button. A very small web installer package is downloaded, which hopefully correctly detects the installed AMD components and updates them accordingly. Radeon Adrenalin Software is currently available in version 16.5 (16.6beta).

I interpret it as meaning that the feature update to Windows 10 V1903 ended with an error code 0xC1900xxx.

  • Olaf has therefore had the AMD Radeon adrenaline software updated according to his statements above.
  • After that he had the May 2918 update installed. He writes ‘I start it without update search(!)’ and had to restart the machine.

Subsequently the AMD notebooks were updated to Windows 10 May 2019 Update. But there were more issues.


Broken start menu after upgrade to Windows 10 V1903

Olaf writes: After a successful update to May 2019, the start menu was gone. Again, I identified the roout cause of the bugs very quickly. It was due to very strange folder and file permissions of the “Packages folders”. On both notebooks this was the reason for a ‘broken’ start menu. For the folder:


nobody had access rights. Olaf changed the file access permissions according to the screen shot below.

Erweiterte Zugriffsberechtigungen auf Pakete(Click to zoom)

He also had to change the access rights for the packages folders listed below:


It could still be that Olaf has now forgotten a folder (the mail was created after the upgrade from memory). He writes about it:

Forgot a folder? In any case, the change was immediately noticeable, because even with the ‘normal’ user all start menu entries and the start menu itself worked without errors.

Olaf wrote, that he had the hope, that his hints helps other people affected by this issues during upgrading to Windows 10 May 2019 update. Thanks to Olaf for sharing.

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