Windows 10 V1903: Edge issues with SSL-VPN

[German]If you are using Windows 10 clients to access any servers via VPN connection, be careful. Windows 10 May 2019 update has issues with Microsoft Edge using SSL VPN connections.


This information should only be relevant to administrators who use Windows 10 clients in corporate environments and rely on Microsoft Edge as their browser. German blog reader Thomas B. told me about his observation a few days ago.

Edge no access to Citrix Farm via SSL VPN

Thomas has a number of customers who run a Citrix farm. He accesses this infrastructure via an SSL VPN connection over the Internet. All he needs is a browser and an Internet connection. But with the change to the Windows 10 May 2019 update he experienced an unpleasant surprise. He writes about it:

I connect to the infrastructure of many customers via their Citrix Farm using SSL VPN.

Since the last upgrade Win10 build 1903 the Microsoft Edge is no longer usable. The page with the Xen Apps selection still loads, but I can't open the apps (Outlook, Microsoft Apps and other providers) there in the Edge anymore. I used to be able to do that. Now I have to use Firefox, IE or other browsers.

I tried everything, but the Edge blocks the start of all apps.

Winfuture reported here that this bug was introduced with cumulative update KB4497935 – Microsoft lists there a known issue for Remote Access Connection Manager (RASMAN) service. I just post the info here in the blog. Maybe someone else has had this experience and can this confirm it or even knows a workaround.

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