More October 2019 update (RDP) issues on Windows

[German]After the September and October 2019 updates for Windows, there are not only printer issues. I have also noticed RDP issues. And the Sept. 2019 update KB4515384 causes boot problems with certain network drivers.


I'll sum it up here in this article – currently as 'single cases' – but maybe there are other users affected.

RDP issues after October 2019 updates

But I got several feedback from reader reporting RDP issues after installing October 3, 2019 updates for Windows. A user of my German article Chaos bei Oktober-Updates für Windows und Internet Explorer I published at news portal heise reported the following issue (I've translated the German comment):

RDP no longer works

After the updating my virtual server, RDP only works as an administrator.

Does anyone else have the same problem?

I had the comment still open in the browser tab for further research when I received this comment in my German blog..

KB4524147: Installed on a Windows 10 PC with an HP laser attached. This PC connects to a server 2008R2 via RDP as terminal server. The TS server printer redirection "Easyprint" is used.

After the "Update": If a document with more than one page is printed, the RDP session is suddenly disconnected. After logging in again, you will see the error message: "Printer xy" not found. Printer xy is then any other printer.

Update KB4524147 was released on October 3 for Windows 10 Version 1903 and Windows Server Version 1903 to address the Internet Explorer vulnerability and printing issues. User Hansi reported a similar issue within my English blog.

SBS 2011 Remote Access (RDP) does not work after this crap update. And yes I know SBS is EOL in January 2020, but we have just October 2019.

This doesn't have to be the same error – but all comments refer to RDP connections.


Update KB4515384 causes boot issues?

As of September 11, 2019, several security updates were released for Windows, which also fix a vulnerability in the RDP service. I noticed this threadin the comment section of a  in a German news site. One affected writes:

I still have problems with the patch, both network drivers (GBit and Wireless, both Intel) cannot start the device. I can't start Microsoft Edge and the Start menu immediately displays a serious error that forces me to log off.

sfc /scannow does not output any errors. Uninstalling the patch immediately fixes all these bugs. The whole thing is easily reproducible.

Somebody else who observed this behavior?

Update KB4515384 has more problems – for example it may cause the installation error 0xe0000100 on USB HID devices – as you can read here. The same author has published a more comprehensive overview of problems here.

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