Shutdown blockade also affects Windows 10!

[German]Not only Windows 7 users may be affected by the recently reported shutdown blockade. Even those who are running Windows 10 could suddenly find themselves in a situation where Windows reports that they have no permission to shut down.


Some Background

It's a short story: Since about February 6th, 2020, there have been Windows users who experience a nasty surprise when trying to shut down Windows. Initially it was only Windows 7 users who received the message:

You do not have permission to shutdown this computer

The shutdown procedure is denied. I had reported in detail about this in the blog post Windows 7 / 10 prevents shutdown / restart (Feb. 2020). A workaround is to log off and then use the shutdown function shown on the login page to shut down Windows 7. These details and a fix are described in the article above.

But Windows 10 users are also affected

Through my reports – also in the English language blog – I was informed by a user via the following tweet that the error can also occur under Windows 10.

This is suddenly a new quality, because before I only knew about people with Windows 7 SP1.


In the above tweet the user states that many of his customers from the architectural sector are affected.

Three suspects so far

The exciting question for me now is, what is the cause of this error or what can trigger it. The problem cannot be fixed at a Windows update, because there were no updates in the period in question. From today's point of view, three potential candidates are emerging:

  • I have several confirmations (including comments here within my German blog), that the problems occur when the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is installed. The 'Adobe Genuine Monitor Service' for product verification seems to be causing the effect. Disabling the service fixes the problem (see also my Windows 7 / 10 prevents shutdown / restart (Feb. 2020)).
  • On bleeping computers there is this user comment stating that BitDefender Total Security 2020 (probably updated on Feb. 6, 2020) causes these symptoms. Uninstalling the software solves the problem. I also encountered this on Microsoft Answers in a forum post. A more detailed discussion can be found here.
  • In another forum post on Microsoft Answers someone claims that the update KB4503575 – Microsoft 4.8 Framework (dated January 15, 2020) causes the problem.

I can't say if and which of the three mentioned candidates is responsible or if all three are causal. But maybe the clues will help affected people to dig in the right direction.

Addendum: I've directed Windows Update on Twitter to my blog post summing up and describing the behavior, but lost track of this case. Bleeping Computer pointed out now, that a Microsoft employee confirmed the issue. On February 13, 2020, Paul Sey, Microsoft employee and owner of Microsoft Answers forum wrote here:

"We've identified and resolved the issue, which was related to a recent Adobe Genuine update that impacted a small number of Windows 7 users. Adobe has fully rolled back the update automatically for all impacted customers. No action is needed by customers. If you are still experiencing the issue, it will be resolved shortly via an automatic update."

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