Sunday Reading: Tools for Administrators (March 2020)

[German]Today a small collection of interesting topics for administrators in a Windows environment. Tools for deployment, PowerShell stories and so on. Sunday reading for admins, so to speak.


12 Tools from ConfigMas

ConfigMas combines the words Config and Christmas. Already on December 19, 2019 Paul Winstanley presented twelve tools in this blog post that can be helpful for admins. It is a list of super cool tools developed by MVPs, and leading industry experts.

Thorsten E. posted the above reference to this page yesterday. Maybe you can use one or the other from the list.

PowerShell script for server quality check

Sombody has written a collection of PowerShell scripts to ensure consistent and reliable build quality and configuration for his Windows Server installations.


The QA audits arose from the need to verify the setup of new Windows servers for different customers and their different environments. All new Windows Server builds are usually created using a custom gold image template, Thorsten writes on GitHub. However, this image still lacks many of the additional tools and configuration settings that are required before it can be included in support.

PSDeploy: Simplified PowerShell deployment

Most of these additional tools and configurations should be installed/performed automatically. However, checks are still required to ensure that each customer or environment gets its specific settings. The tools for different versions of Windows Server are available for this purpose. Supported are Windows Server 2008 R1/R2 (PowerShell 4 must be installed, Windows Server 2012 R1/R2 and Windows Server 2016.

Thorsten E. addressed this quite interesting solution in the above twee. An IT professional has dealt with the question of version control for servers. Details can be found in the linked article.

Features in Config-Manager TP Version 2002.2

There is a technical preview of the Configuration Manager version 2002.2. Panu Saukko points out in the following tweet a change in the ConfigMgr of the SCCM, which is now called MEMCM.

Doesn't really mean anything to me personally right now. But I assume that it will helpful to administrators.

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