PowerToys 0.18 with Run launcher released

[German]Microsoft released version 0.18 of PowerToys for Windows 10 users a few hours ago. These tools are free and offer additional features for Windows 10. The new version 0.18 includes the new Run launcher. Addendum: Clint Rutkas has announced, that version 0.18.1 is 'coming this night', but till now, I haven't found a change log.


PowerToys Background

PowerToys were free programs under Windows 95/98, with which certain Windows features could be optimized or adapted. Inspired by the PowerToys project under Windows 95, some developers dared to restart. The intended was to give power users the ability to get more efficiency out of the Windows 10 shell and customize it for individual workflows. The announcement tool place at the beginning of May 2019 (Windows 10: PowerToys will come as Open Source). More information can be found in the articles linked at the end of this blog.

PowerToys settings UI.
(PowerToys Settings)

The PowerToys known from Windows 9x are also available in the version for Windows 10 Open Source and free of charge.

Update to Windows PowerToys 0.18

The announcement was made on Mai 19, 2020, during BUILD 2020, by developer Clint Rutkas – here is his tweet.


The new version comes with PowerToys Run and a Keyboard manager. Here is a brief description:

  • PowerToys Run, the new application launcher (use alt-space to activate). It's designed to replace the existing Win + R shortcut and allows a quick search for apps and files across Windows.
  • The Keyboard Manager (KBM) is a keyboard remapper that allows a user to redefine keys on their keyboard (ex. swapping the letter A and D) as well as shortcuts (Ctrl+C to Windows+C). You can use these remappings as long as KBM is enabled and PowerToys is running in the background. Details may be found here.

Within this version there is also an migrating to the new settings system. And it's also the first time Microsoft will test out the auto-updating system. The details including the download can be found on this GitHub page. The Verge has published this article with a few more details about the new features. An overview of all PowerToys features may be found here.

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3 Responses to PowerToys 0.18 with Run launcher released

  1. EP says:

    still missing TweakUI, guenni:

    I'll pass on using these Win10 powertoys until a TweakUI app that was made for Win9x is available for Win10

    • guenni says:

      I agree – PT is something like 'bread and butter' for tech blogger – I mentioned it within my blogs, but I don't use it ;-).

  2. 45rpm says:

    So Powertoys Run is Mac Spotlight. F for originality but A+ for stealing the idea. It's much nicer from a repetitive stress/Carpal Tunnel standpoint than contorting your thumb to hit the Windows button to Win+R to launch Run and type notepad, say. And leagues better than having to show the start screen (another thumb-bend to the Win key) and then type Notepad or whatever

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