eBay scans your client’s ports during visit of their site

[German]It seems that  eBay performs a port scan on the clients of its visitors as soon as they access the website ebay.com in their browser. Here are a few information I collected so far.


The topic has been popping up on Twitter by various people for several hours now. Here is a tweet from a user.

Further details will be disclosed in follow-up tweets. Jack Rhysider has also noticed this in the Edge Browser, as he explains in the following tweet.

Although he uses a firewall, a PortScan is performed locally in the browser and the result is sent to eBay. Rhysider continues to discuss the case, that he doesn't find funny, on Twitter. Nobody really has a real explanation for this till yet.


Bleeping Computer covered that topic up and published it in the article linked in the above tweet.

Lawrence Abrams suspects that compromised computers are to be detected by this scan. Details can be found in the linked Bleeping Computer article.

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