WordFence has issues with WordPress 5.4.2

[German]The update of WordPress to version 5.4.2 may cause problems for some users who use the security plugin WordFence. The plugin cannot be activated or the page remains empty.


I didn't notice anything myself, because I still have exactly this combination running here in the blog. But I found out about the topic through this German Facebook post of Daniel R.

WordFence-Post auf Facebook

In the linked WordPress article won't activate due to fatal error after WP 5.4.2 update it says:

This website simply produced a white screen and Jetpack monitor registered that the website had gone down around 20 mins after WP was updated to 5.4.2 . I disabled all plugins and after re-enabling one by one worked out it was Wordfence. When trying to reactivate it I get the message "plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error". I deleted and reinstalled the plugin but same again. This is a Genesis framework theme. All my other sites (none are Genesis framework) which also all use Wordfence are OK.

Background is probably that WordFence under WordPress 5.4.2 needs a lot of memory (300 MB), so that it comes to memory bottlenecks. This post in the WordPress forum also deals with this issue.

Wordfence is causing site problems

Wordfence is causing site problems. So I have tried to investigate the problem further and have come to the following. The problem may be the wordfenece security plugin. Since I have tried switching to other themes, reset wordfence settings to deafult and disabeling all plings except wordfence.

Anyone who have experienced something similar or know about this problem?

Some people increase the amount of memory allowed so that the stuff runs again. The longer term solution might be to switch to other security solutions. Do I have to come in here and take a look at this place sometime.


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