Network drive mapping issues after Windows 7 Upgrade to Windows 10 V2004?

[German]Brief question to the round of Windows 10 users who have updated machines from Windows 7 SP1 to the Windows 10 May 2020 Update (2004 version). Will there be network issues after the upgrade?


German blog reader Dirk D. asked me in a short mail a few days ago, if I knew anything about his observations. He describes the problem like this:

I have had the problem several times that after upgrading from Win 7 to Win 10 2004, the Explorer hangs/shows nonsensical icons/crashes completely when network drives are connected.

Everything works fine when you remove them. Even after a reboot!!! of the system (with connected drives) it seems to work. Therefore I suspect the quick start. In the net I could not find anything about this error yet.

Dirk asks if I have already heard anything about the above issues – which I denied at first. I remember some hints on Twitter that the reconnection of network drives has problems. But there the drives are no longer accessible.

Dirk added that it does not occur after a Clean Install of Windows 10. It also makes no difference whether the user is a member of a domain or not, the error occurs in both cases.

Related references

In the forum of Bleeping Computer I found this thread where someone describes a similar scenario after an upgrade.  

Windows 10 (2004): Windows Explorer hangs on attempting to open network folder

I just updated to Windows 10 (2004). It looks like I'm one of those who's experiencing a show-stopping bug after a Windows 10 update!

Now, whenever I try to open a network folder (or even a OneDrive folder) in Windows Explorer, it will hang with the twirling circular mouse cursor. I CANNOT access ANY network folder!!!

Anyone having the same problem?

There the person concerned got further by specifying the IP of the network drives in the Explorer (see also this post), but this does not correspond to the above problem. A Microsoft Answers forum post ends with the suggestion to go back to the Windows 10 version 1909. 


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