Windows 10 V2004: NCSI shows 'No Internet', although online

[German]Windows 10 users are faced with the problem that the status area of the taskbar indicates a missing Internet connection, but the system is still online. This error also occurs in the Windows 10 May 2020 Update (Version 2004). This causes problems with various programs.


Review: Windows 10 bug prevents Internet access

Already in March 2020 I had reported in the blog post Windows 10: Bug prevents (VPN) Internet access about issues with internet access. A bug prevented the systems from determining a correct status of the internet connection.

Windows 10: Internet connection indicator shows issues(Source: Technet)

The network icon in the notification area of the taskbar can display limited or no Internet connection status in the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI). According to this article for Bleeping Computer, updates such as KB4554364 should resolve the issue.

Windows 10 Version 2004 shows no internet

The above article referred to older Windows 10 versions. In the meantime, many users have installed the Windows 10 May 2020 Update (Version 2004). And there are probably similar problems. On the website I found this entry while researching the blog post.

we have just started to prepare a new Windows 10 image. The build 2004 serves as a basis for this.

So far it looks quite good (adjustments).

But what makes me a little bit woozy. It is always shown that there is no internet access. Internet access is of course there (proxy). Since this worked perfectly with our current image based on build 1803/1809, I assume that MS has changed something in the procedure (NCSI).

Does anyone know what changes MS has made since build 1809 to check the internet access of Windows 10?

There is still one user who confirms the problem for Windows 10 version 2004. German blog reader Stefan has now posted this comment:


Hello, Mr Born,
on the subject of NCSI, there is also a problem with Windows 10 2004: the NCSI shows 'no internet', although browsing works. Effects include problems with Office 365/Outlook/OneDrive, but not with teams. My customer seems to have this behavior only on computers that have LAN and WLAN equipment and use VPN/proxy clients (not yet fully understood).

Stefan writes that Microsoft already has tickets open for this. There is also an entry in the technet forum:

NCSI taskbar icon may report "no internet" on Windows 10 2004 devices that DO have internet access

Customers are reporting "no internet" access in the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) on Windows 10 2004 devices on devices that in fact can ping internet resources or browse web sites with internet browsers.

Current situation:

Microsoft has known about this issue but haven't resolved it yet.
It is being investigated by Microsoft currently.

So there you can find the confirmation that Microsoft knows about the problem but has not fixed it yet. Stefan asks in his comment if anyone has had experience with the issue?

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  3. Peter B says:

    Does this relate to an issue I have? iPad, iPhone and laptop sit on my desk. All 3 connect to the same access point.
    The Apple devices get internet access.
    The Microsoft device does not.
    Any suggestions?

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