On-premises sync for Active Directory (AD) users

How can Active Directory (AD) users synchronize Microsoft Edge favorites and settings between computers without connecting to Microsoft cloud services?


Synchronizing user data in Microsoft Edge typically requires either a Microsoft account or an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account and a connection to Microsoft cloud services. With on-premises synchronization, Microsoft Edge stores an Active Directory user's favorites and settings in a file that can be moved between computers. Local synchronization does not interfere with cloud synchronization for the profiles that enable it.

In the tweet above, Chris Jackson refers to last week's support article on the topic. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 85, profiles can be linked to Active Directory (AD) accounts. If local synchronization is enabled, the data from the AD profile is stored in a file named profile.pb. By default, this file is stored in %APP_DATA%/Microsoft/Edge. After this file is written, it can be moved between different computers. The saved user data is then read and written on each computer. Please refer to the linked support article for details.

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