Windows 10 Version 2004: Update KB4571744 blocks Sleep/Standby mode

[German]Users of Windows 10 version 2004 have been suffering for some time now from the fact that the sleep or standby mode may be blocked. The problem has been going on for some time and is likely to occur with the cumulative update KB4571744 from September 2020.


Problem with USO Worker since June 2020

With the Windows 10 May 2020 Update (Version 2004) some users have problems with the energy saving mode right from the beginning. I found the Microsoft Answers forum thread Windows 10 2004 Update – Sleep Mode Issue and Workaround  from June 14, 2020. Someone there complains that it takes infinitely long to shut down to sleep mode. On September 5, 2020 a user in this Thead reported that his desktop system does not automatically go into sleep mode anymore:

My desktop PC has similar issues, won't go to sleep at times even with nothing running I noticed hours after I stopped using it the monitor was asleep but desktop still had fans running and had not gone into sleep mode.

Also in July 2020, users noticed that the preview update KB4568831 prevents Windows 10 2004 from switching to sleep mode. The update was released on July 31, 2020 (see Windows 10 2004: Cumulative Update KB4568831). Responsible is the process MoUsoCoreWorker.exe (USO Worker), which prevents the system from entering the sleep mode and wakes up the system. I found this Microsoft Answers forum thread from June 2, 2020, which already clearly describes this problem and has now been expanded to many pages. The problem should have been fixed with the update KB4568831 from the end of July 2020.

Issues with .NET Framework Update KB4570721

At German site I already came across this post from the colleagues these days, which describes the problem of the no longer working stand by mode (sleep mode).  There the not installed optional .NET Framework Update KB4570721 is mentioned as the cause if Windows 10 does not want to go into energy saving or sleep mode. Actually the update should be installed, but Windows Update does not manage to do this and prevents a standby. Whether this is true can be found out with a test. Give the following command in an administrative command prompt:

powercfg /requests

a report is created. This report lists the power status queries for applications and drivers that prevent the computer from entering sleep or hibernation mode. Colleagues indicate in the article how to identify the devices that prevent the computer from entering standby (power-saving) mode. Shows up in the report under Execution:


… System32\MoUsoCoreWorker.exe

Windows Update prevents the corresponding energy saving mode (standby). Then the Windows Update service should be stopped and restarted afterwards. Then check via Windows Update whether an optional update is now available. You should have this installed. With a bit of luck the problem will be solved. 

Update KB4571744 blocks sleep mode

The cumulative Update KB4571744 s already tested since August 2020 as a preview and should fix numerous bugs in Windows 10 May 2020 Update. But the update is also responsible for other subsequent errors. Some users report the problem of a no longer working 'sleep mode'. Windows Latest now reports here that the cumulative update KB4571744 is responsible for the problem of a malfunctioning sleep mode for some users. The article refers to the Microsoft Answers forum post of June 2, 2020 and the last post of September 2020 mentioned above. 

So it seems that the problem is back or has never been solved. As a workaround it is suggested to stop the Windows Update service and restart it afterwards. Then check via Windows Update whether an update is now available. You should have it installed and restart the machine. Afterwards the problem with the sleep mode (hibernation) could be solved. All in all, the whole update process seems to be quite shaky now. Anyone affected by the error?

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3 Responses to Windows 10 Version 2004: Update KB4571744 blocks Sleep/Standby mode

  1. Vincent says:

    Yes, I have been affected by this annoying issue for a while since it happened back to June. The issue still remains, and my surface book constantly wakes up the screen and external monitor. I tried above-mentioned fix, it didn't seem working. I guess that's the payback by using Insider Preview :)

  2. Dmitry says:

    Thanks! Stopped sleeping a month ago, toggled sleep settings – seemed to work, then recently again – no sleep and toggling won't help. Thought what if a virus then googled. Yes, the "ISO Worker". The latest updates was 4571756. Tried as above, restarting the service, then installing "other" optional "cumulative update preview for .NET …. 4576945". It worked (though still no sleep if monitor off and sleep timeout are same). I think it may be an update service glitch rather than any particular update.

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