Windows 10 2004: Update KB4571756 collides wit Paint Shop Pro 7

[German]I got a report, that cumulative security update KB4571756, released by Microsoft on September 8, 2020, causes Explorer issues and crashes when usein gPaint Shop Pro 7.


Update KB4571756 for Windows 10 Version 2004

Cumulative Update KB4571756 is available for Windows 10 Version 2004 and for Windows Server Version 2004. It includes quality improvements but no new operating system features. The update brings a number of improvements, also in terms of security for performing basic operations. For example, there are fixes for saving and managing files and patches to improve security when using Microsoft Office products. I covered the details in the blog post Patchday: Windows 10-Updates (September 8, 2020).

Issues  with Windows Explorer

Shortly after I published the blog post, blog reader Thomas I. contacted me via Facebook and reported serious problems with the Windows Explorer:

Windows 10: Today, update KB4571756 came in, it is causing serious problems for me: The Windows-Explorer has become extremely slow. Each opening of a file leads to a forced pause of several seconds, also the Windows-Explorer crashes again and again. Update KB4571756 uninstalled, they are gone.

The user asked: Does anyone have the same experience? Since nobody answered, the user continued to test.

Paint Shop Pro 7 is the root cause

The user noticed that the Explorer problems occurred in connection with image files. After various tests he was able to trace the problem back to Paint Shop Pro 7.

It turned out that Paint Shop Pro 7 is the culprit. After uninstalling Paint Shop Pro 7 the problem was solved. Tests have shown that Paint Shop Pro 7 now takes a long time to quit and Windows Explorer may crash. And this only in combination with KB4571756.

Possibly the preview handler for image files installed by Paint Shop Pro 7 is the cause. In the past, such handlers were the cause of Explorer crashes or tough Explorer actions. Ich hatte mal im Blog-Beitrag Startmenü oder Explorer geht nicht mehr/ist langsam sowie im Beitrag Windows Explorer oder die Shell macht Probleme was zu geschrieben.


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3 Responses to Windows 10 2004: Update KB4571756 collides wit Paint Shop Pro 7

  1. guenni says:

    It seems also an issue with Word 2007, as you can see in this Tweet

  2. Quinn says:

    With this update, File Explorer freezes when double click txt files when EditPlus has Associate in Explorer=ON for txt files.

  3. Götz says:

    On my Surface Pro the update caused pen input to be extremely slow, especially for tools like text-marker or pencil. After deinstallation of the update everything went back to normal.

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