Adobe Reader: Crash problem with SAP fixed?

[German]At the beginning of November 2020, Adobe released an important security update for Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Reader DC, which causes long loading times or crashes on SAP systems when displaying PDF documents. Now Adobe has released a solution that I have mentioned before. But since I was pointed out again, I pull it out again in a new blog post.


Adobe Reader DC: Issues with SAP software

Shortly after the publication of the article Adobe Reader/Acrobat: Important security update available (Nov. 3, 2020) I was informed about an issue. A blog reader reported increased complaints from his SAP users. In the Adobe community there is this post which points out issues with Adobe Reader DC 2020.013.20064 under SAP:

Adobe Reader DC 2020.013.20064 – error 103:103

Since last adobe security patch when an app tries to open a pdf embedded into the own application (SAP) an error (103:103) is launched and no pdf is viewed.

I had mentioned the problem in the blog post Adobe Reader DC security update Nov. 2020 causes issues in SAP. There was also a hint to a workaround (switch off the protected mode). This helped some users, but reduces security.

Adobe released a fix

Now a blog reader on Twitter has pointed out to me that there is a general solution.

Adobe has now fixed the problem, even for the standard:



SAP GUI 7.6 for Windows is crashing when attempting to view PDFs with acrobat DC installed

In this Adobe community thread Adobe employee Amal writes that they have a solution:

Hi All

The optional update (ver. 20.13.20066) addressing this issue is now available (Windows Only). Please try to update the application to the new version available from the help menu > check for updates or you can manually download the patch using the link:



I have already mentioned this in the article Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC 20.013.20066.


Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC 20.013.20066 hangs

In this comment blog reader HG reported issues with the new update:

Since my system was updated to this version, Acrobat Reader DC hangs on launch intermittently. Task Manager shows the task as suspended and killing it doesn't help. I have to log out and log back in and maybe the next time Acrobat Reader might start. Uninstalling it now and maybe a reinstall will help fix it?

Someone who has had similar experiences?

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