iPhone: iOS 14 bug prevents SMS and iMessages notifications

[German]Users of iPhones running iOS 14 are complaining that they are not getting notifications for incoming SMS text or iMessages messages. This appears to be a bug in iOS 14 that can also affect notifications from other apps.


The Verge picked up on the issue in this article,  which has caused an already 43-page thread in Apple's support forum. One user writes about it:

iOS 14 text notification issues

I am not getting sound notifications on text messages nor is the banner showing up on my locked screen. I have an iPhone 11 and just downloaded the latest iOS 14. Have reset my phone twice now. Please advise. Thank you.

The original post is from mid-September 2020 and refers to iPhone 11. The user no longer gets audible notifications for incoming SMS or iMessages messages. However, other users report that the missing audible notification also occurs on newer iPhone 12 devices. It appears to be a bug in iOS 14. In a December 12, 2020 post, one user complains that the bug still occurs on his iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 14.2.

I am using iPhone 8 plus with iOS 14.2. I don't get notifications for whatsapp calls and messages. For whatsapp messages i atleast get notified after some time but i am missing whatsapp calls altogether. I checked all notification settings in my iPhone and whatsapp and everything is correct. I did a complete fresh reset of the iPhone 2 times but still same issue. I am facing this from iOS 13. I don't know what else to do. Just fedup missing a basic whatsapp call. What is the use of having advanced technology chip, camera and **** when this iPhone doesn't let me know when a call comes

It probably affects all devices in the iPhone range as soon as iOS 14.x is installed. Some users write that the audible notification is missing for all apps, others only refer to SMS and iMessages. Macrumors had picked it up here some time ago. There people give workaround they tried. The Verge summarized it in this article:

  • One workaround is to turn off Messages on a Mac or delete and re-add contacts.
  • Some users get notifications when they completely close the Messages app every time after sending a text.
  • In other cases, the missing notifications only occur with pinned conversations, and removing pinned contacts seems to remedy the situation.

There are sporadic reports of success with these workarounds, but they don't work for everyone and don't seem to be permanent. Anyone affected by this bug?

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