Edge 88.0.705.74 released

Edge[German]Microsoft has released the update to Edge 88.0.705.74 on February 17, 2021. It is a security update that fixes nine vulnerabilities that have already been fixed in Google Chrome 88. Here is some information about it.


Google has yes updated the Chrome browser to version 88.0.4324.181 on February 16, 2021 for Linux, macOS and Windows. It fixes 10 vulnerabilities (see Chrome 88.0.4324.182 fixes 10 vulnerabilities). Now Microsoft follows with the update of Edge 88.0.705.74, whereby the release notes are kept very sparse. The following information, that the new Edge closes the following vulnerabilities, has arrived by mail:

* CVE-2021-21149
* CVE-2021-21150
* CVE-2021-21151
* CVE-2021-21152
* CVE-2021-21153
* CVE-2021-21154
* CVE-2021-21155
* CVE-2021-21156
* CVE-2021-21157

The information can also be found in the Security Update Guide, although I find its format very confusing. The browser should update itself automatically.

As it was discussed in the comments to the German article Achtung bei Edge 88.0.705.68 – es gibt Browserabstürze: I don't think this update fixes anything in terms of browser crashes (unless an additional query came in in the code). Because according to my observations, the browser crashes were related to the server-side use of the Bing search service, which probably had issues. One of the reasons why admins will look pretty silly in the future when problems arise due to the increasing shift of functions to the Microsoft cloud. Uninstalling an update then usually does nothing.

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  1. Abhinav Kataria says:

    This version keeps freezing my laptop again and again. I have to hard restart my laptop after it freezes. I used system restore to revert to old edge version and stopped edge update service

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