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Edge[German]After the Chrome 90 release by Google, Microsoft has released the update to the Edge 90.0.818.39 on April 15, 2021. It is a new development branch with some new features, whereby the update which fixes various vulnerabilities that have already been fixed in Google Chrome. However, there are also new features. Here is some information about it.


Google has yes updated the Chrome browser to April 14, 2021 for Linux, macOS and Windows to version 90.0.4430.72 (see Google Chrome 90.0.4430.72: Vulnerabilities fixed and HTTPS as standard). Now Microsoft is following suit with the Edge 89.0.774.68 update, with the April 15, 2020 release notes mentioning a number of new features:

  • Single Sign On (SSO) is now available for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) accounts and Microsoft Account (MSA) on macOS. A user who logs in to Microsoft Edge on macOS is now automatically logged in to sites configured to allow Single Sign On with work and Microsoft accounts (for example, bing.com, office.com, msn.com, and outlook.com).
  • Kiosk-Modus: Starting with Microsoft Edge version 90, UI print settings have been restricted to only allow configured printers and "Print to PDF" options. Microsoft's developers have also made enhancements within Kiosk Mode with assigned access to individual applications to restrict the launch of other applications from within the browser. More information on Kiosk Mode features can be found here.

In printing, there are improvements to rasterizing on non-PostScript printers and additional scaling options have been introduced. Furthermore, there are improvements in autofill (search possible), font display, etc., which are listed in the release notes. There are also notes on the new guidelines (Policies).

One new feature is the Kids Mode described here, which allows parents to specify what their children are allowed to see in the browser. Parents can choose options for their child's age from 5-8 and 9-12. Microsoft has published this description of the new options. The browser should update itself automatically.  A list of closed vulnerabilities can be found on this security page.

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