Edge 90: Crashes on Full Screen YouTube Videos

Edge[German]Some Internet users complain that the Microsoft Chromium-based Edge browser has problems with YouTube videos. Can anyone confirm this, that the Microsoft Edge browser hangs or crashes when you let YouTube videos play in full-screen mode in the browser? Microsoft is already investigating the issue and suggesting what to try.


On reddit.com the user here complains about YouTube crashing in Edge browser version 90.0.818.4 (64-bit) when playing videos in full-screen mode.

Edge Chromium crashes when I have two YouTube tabs opened.

I have disabled all extensions. *Browser is on the latest version – Version 90.0.818.46 (Official build) (64-bit). *Happens particularly when I have one YouTube video on full screen. *I just found out it can also crash when I just have one YouTube tab open.

Never had this issue before until Friday.

Another post at reddit.com confirmas this behavior and at the same time posted a screenshot of the Task Manager showing how the Edge claws resources. This goes up to 8 GBytes and the process restarts.

Edge v90 started crashing on YouTube

Latest Intel Driver and also NVIDIA driver (HD P630/Quadro P2000)

Tried without extensions, whole new profile

Behaviour: Video stops playing, loading circle appears, msedge.exe process memory consumption starts rising up to 8GB, then gives up, restarts itself, and continues normally (never does it again in the same session, only after I forcefully kill the process to simulate clean boot).

Edge Ressources
Edge in Task Manager, Click to zoom

In this session, according to the user, the crash would then no longer happen. The reddit.com threads here and here also confirm this, and the initial reports being a about 14 days old. Venkat picked up on it Friday on Techdows here, and Bleeping Computer confirmed the issues after its own tests in this post. In various reddit.com threads, Microsoft CM then posted this response stating that the problem is already being investigated internally. 

Hey, friends! Thanks so much for everyone commenting in here to let us know that you're hitting this! I've been working with the team to investigate similar situations.

As a work around while we dig in, disabling hardware acceleration on the edge://settings/system page while using YouTube should get you situated (some users have said this has helped).

To help the team out with the investigation, you should be able to see the crashes you've experienced on edge://crashes. There's a Send feedback button on the right side of this page for each crash the browser has logged, and providing additional context in the description is helpful for the team to understand the context to the data. However, if you don't see any recent crashes, please do submit feedback if you experience the crash again immediately after recovering Edge by heading to the menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback.

I will follow up if the team requires additional details from you. For now, keep an eye here for any updates from the team! I appreciate your patience. :)

Summoning the commenters who also mentioned hitting this, for visibility on steps here.

Currently, Microsoft suggests disabling hardware acceleration in the Edge settings. Venkat has listed further measures here at Techdows, such as clearing the cache, etc. – but I think that you should wait for a new version of Edge or simply use a different browser.


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