Microsofts Cloud PC "failed provisioning" error during Windows 365 setup

Windows[German]A short information tidbit about Microsoft's Cloud PC and issues during setting up Windows 365. The cloud service is only available since a few days (see Windows 365 released) and Microsoft has already had to suspend the provisioning of the free trial versions because the demand exceeded the available resources. But there are already first experiences that setting up Windows 365 at the Cloud PC ends with the error "failed provisioning".


I came across the following tweet from Microsoft's WIndows IT Pro group the other day about the "failed provisioning" error when setting up Windows 365 in an Active Directory in the Cloud PC environment.

Microsofts Cloud PC "failed provisioning"

Microsoft has published the Techcommunity post Troubleshooting hybrid Azure AD errors during Windows 365 Cloud PC provisioning. There are two items there that affected parties can check when the error occurs.

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