Word 2019: Cursor problem with Surface Studio after August 2021 update

[German]Presumably the latest security update of August 10, 2021, causes a rather exotic problem with Microsoft's Surface Studios. A blog reader pointed out, that the mouse positioning of the text cursor correctly is no longer possible in Microsoft Word 2019 because the position is shifted.


The Surface Studio

The Surface Studio is a dedicated all-in-one PC, which was introduced back in 2016 (now we have also a Surface Studio 2).The device has a very thin 28-inch 4.5K LCD monitor (13.5 million pixels) with touch capabilities. The device comes with an Nvidia GeForce 980M GPU and an Intel Core i7 processor as well as 32 GB of RAM – the power consumption is listed at 270 watts (see).

Screenshot of the Surface Studio presentation

A special "Zero Gravity" hinge makes it possible to bring the monitor from desktop mode into the so-called Studio mode. The monitor is then at a 20 degree angle like a drawing board, which is ideal for digital drawing and designing. Meanwhile, there is the Surface Studio 2, which starts at the price of 4,149 euros.

The problem with Word 2019

Blog reader Reto F. from Switzerland just contacted me to alert me to a specific problem he is struggling with. Here is his information:

I support two small networks with Windows 10 and Office 2019.

Recently (probably last update) we have the following problem in Word only with Surface Studios. With all other computers no problems.

If the caret is positioned with the mouse, it brings about 4 lines above. It is no longer possible to work this way. If the caret is positioned with the touch, it works fine. Afterwards it also works with the mouse until the next start of Word.

The special thing about the Surface Studio is the monitor resolution of 4500 x 3000. Can you publish this if someone is also affected?

Caret means the text cursor indicating the position for writing text in Word. Of course, this is a rather exclusive problem, since not many blog readers might have access to such Surface Studios. Anyone affected by this problem?


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