Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Advanced 10.0 – Patch 2342

Sicherheit (Pexels, allgemeine Nutzung)[German]Trend Micro has released patch 2342 for its Worry Free Business Security Advanced 10.0 for Windows 10, effective September 10, 2021. Here's some information about it. Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security (TM WFBS) protects small businesses, users, and assets from data theft, identity theft, risky websites, and spam (Advanced variant only).


TM WFBS Advanced 10.0 Patch 2342

The patch (WFBS_100_SP1_WIN_ALL_Patch_2342.exe) ixes the following issues according to the readme file:

Issue 1:     (SEG-115807)
                 After triggering Manual Scan through the Security
                 Agent, the scan does not complete and the progress bar
                 remains at zero percent.
    Solution 1:  This Patch ensures that Manual Scans can be triggered
                 normally through the Security Agent. 

    Issue 2:     (SEG-115804)
                 A performance issue occurs on protected computers
                 when a non-existent UNC path has been added in the
                 Trusted Program list.
    Solution 2:  This Patch prevents this performance issue.

    Issue 3:     (SEG-114159)
                 The following message that displays on the server
                 platform may mislead users.

                 "Resource Shortage â€" Remaining disk space on the
                 Security Server is less than the specified
    Solution 3:  This Patch updates the message to the following to
                 make it more accurate.


                 "Resource Shortage â€" Remaining disk space on some
                 servers is less than %threshold%."                  

    Issue 4:     (SEG-113209)
                 The terminal server may stop unexpectedly which can
                 trigger a performance issue on the server computer.
    Solution 4:  This Patch helps prevent these issues.

    Issue 5:     (SEG-110405)
                 An issue may cause Adobe Acrobat DC Subscriptions to
    Solution 5:  This Patch resolves this issue.

The file can be downloaded from this Trend Micro page via the Product Patch tab. (via)

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3 Responses to Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Advanced 10.0 – Patch 2342

  1. Peter says:

    Hello, I tried install this patch WFBS_100_SP1_WIN_ALL_Patch_2342.exe to server 2012 standard and got this message during the installation "The system does not support SHA-2 code signing.Apply the latest windows updates and try again later" but server 2012 supports SHA-2 signing from default.Please advise ?

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