Patchday: Microsoft Office Updates (January 11, 2022)

Update[German]On January 11, 2022 (second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft Patchday), Microsoft released several security-related updates for still-supported Microsoft Office versions and other products. RCE vulnerabilities will be closed again. For Microsoft Access, the bug from December 2021 is fixed according to reader feedback. Here is an overview of the available updates.


General information

The updates apply to the installable MSI version of Office (the click-to-run packages obtain the updates through other channels). An overview of the updates can be found on this web page (and here for January). Details are documented in the linked KB articles. Office 2019 does not appear in the list because it is distributed via click-to-run packages and receives security updates via the Office Update feature.

As of patchday 11/1/2022, I have received feedback from readers that the December access bug (Access Lock Bug: Where the December 2021 Fixes Fail) has been fixed. But I don't know, which update (Office or Windows)  is responsible.

Regarding the Outlook problem of search not finding mails (see here), a Windows update seems to fix it (see also this German comment).

According to ADV170021, the January 11, 2022 updates disable the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol in all supported editions of Microsoft Word (see also Microsoft Excel  security enhancements in the January 2022 update).

These security updates address the critical RCE vulnerability CVE-2022-21840 in Microsoft Office, , which allows remote code execution without additional privileges.

Office 2016

The following security updates have been released for Office 2016.

Details about the Office updates can be found in the linked KB articles.

Office 2013

Office 2013 requires Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2013 to be installed. The following security updates have been released. They address the same security vulnerabilities as Microsoft Office 2016.

Details about the Office updates can be found in the linked KB articles.


More updates for Office/SharePoint Server

Microsoft has also released security updates for several versions of Microsoft SharePoint Server.

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

SharePoint Server 2019

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

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