Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Critical Patch 2380 and free disc space

Update[German]Security vendor Trend Micro has released a critical update 2380 for its Worry Free Business Security (WFBS). The patch is intended to fix a security issue in a component that makes the antivirus solution vulnerable to attack. What it doesn't reveal, however: To install this critical patch, there must be at least 13 gigabytes of hard drive space on the system drive.


TM WFBS 10.0 Patch 2380

As of January 21, 2022, Trend Micro has released Critical Patch 2380 for its Worry Free Business Security 10.0. The patch can be downloaded from the Download Center as WFBS_100_SP1_WIN_ALL_CriticalPatch_2380. The readme tells you the following:

1.1 Enhancements

The following enhancement is included in this release:

Enhancement 1: This Critical Patch updates the module related to
the Smart Protection Server to resolve an
Out-Of-Bounds Read security issue.

NOTE:          To complete the Smart Scan Server upgrade, ensure
that there is sufficient free disk space on the
Security Server drive before applying this Patch.

Required free disk space: Twice the size of the
"\Trend Micro\Security Server\PCCSRV\wss" folder
plus 1.0 GB

1.2 Files Included in This Release

A. Files for Current enhancement

Filename                               Build No.
ofcservice.exe                         20.0.2380
svrsvcsetup.exe                        20.0.2380
svrsvcsetup_x64.exe                    20.0.2380

The patch addresses an out-of-bounds read vulnerability in Smart Protection Server. In a side sentence, there is a note that one should make sure that there is enough free space on the drive to update the Smart Protection Server.

It should be 13 gigabytes

Blog reader Tom B. already emailed me on Jan 23, 2022 about his experience (thanks for that). Tom wrote:

Hello Günter,

what is not pointed out, the critical patch can only be installed if at least 13GB of free hard disk space is available.

Best regards,


Those are already sporty requirements to update a Smart Protection Server with regard to a critical vulnerability – at least I think so. If the disk space is missing, the update fails and the Smart Protection Server in question remains vulnerable.

Note: In the path:


is a disc cleaner, that is able to delete superflous files. Users reported, that they gained 3.5 GB space.

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