Windows January 2022 updates bricks Active Directory Federation Services

Windows[German]It seems, that the January 2022 security updates like KB5009557 bricks Active Directory Federation Services ADFS-Farm-Servers. I receive a report, where update KB5009557 breaks LDAP queries to domain controllers from a ADFS Farm Server. Here are a few details about that issue.


I received the following comment within my German blog, regarding update KB5009557. Blog reader Phil wrote:

ADFS problem
Hello all.
I have the following problem after installing KB5009557 on an ADFS farm server.
The ADFS farm server could no longer make LDAP queries to a DC in another forest (one-way trust).
EventID 325
Microsoft.IdentityServer.Service.IssuancePipeline.CallerAuthorizationException: MSIS5007: The caller authorization failed for caller identity Domain\User for relying party trust -> Microsoft.IdentityServer.ClaimsPolicy.Language.PolicyEvaluationException: POLICY0018: Query 'SAMAccountName={0};Attribute_X' to attribute store 'examle.local' failed: 'The supplied credential is invalid.

After uninstalling the patch, it worked again.

The patch was not installed on any DC, only on an ADFS farm server.

Perhaps it's helpful for administrators affected by the same issue.

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2 Responses to Windows January 2022 updates bricks Active Directory Federation Services

  1. EP says:

    fixed possibly with newly released KB5009616 update for Server 2019

  2. AD says:

    nope it does not fix the issue even after installed the OOB KB5010791 and KB5009616

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