Firefox 97 and 91.6 ESR

Mozilla[German]Mozilla Mozilla developers released versions 97.0 and 95.6esr of the Firefox browser on February 8, January 2022. Firefox 97 is a new development branch, while the ESR version is a bug-fix update to fix bugs.


Firefox 97.0

According to the release notes,  on February 8, the 18 color schemes of Firefox version 94 will be phased out. This marks the end of a special limited-time feature set. Users can continue to use a color scheme that is "enabled" in the Add-on Manager.

Also, in version for direct PostScript generation for printing on Linux has been removed. However, printing to PostScript printers is still supported. Firefox 97.0 supports and displays the new style of scrollbars on Windows 11.

On macOS, system font loading has been improved, which speeds up opening and switching to new tabs in certain situations. Various vulnerabilities are fixed in the new version. On Windows, the vulnerability classified as High, CVE-2022-22753: Privilege Escalation to SYSTEM on Windows via Maintenance Service is closed.

Firefox 91.6.0esr

An update of Firefox 91.6.0esr with one year of long-term support was also provided with the same fix.

The new Firefox and the ESR variants can be downloaded from this website for various platforms (the variant is to be selected via the displayed list boxes). (via)


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  1. EP says:

    Firefox versions 97.0.2 & 91.6.1 ESR recently released as a new security bugfix:

    -fixes security problems mentioned in this Mozilla security advisory:

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