Windows 11: BSODs in battery mode with Lenovo Thinkpad L590?

[German]Does Windows 11 on Lenovo Thinkpad L950 models cause BlueScreens on battery power? I have a corresponding report from a reader and would like to post it again in the blog. Perhaps there are similar observations from other users.


Lenovo Thinkpad L590

The Lenovo Thinkpad L590 is a business notebook whose production has been discontinued in the meantime. The notebook comes with 8th generation Intel® Core™ i7 with vPro™, and shipped with Windows 10 Pro.

BlueScreens in battery mode

German blog reader Dima had written in my German blog a comment with a complain about increased bluescreens on Lenovo notebooks (Thinkpad L590) and Windows 11 (22H1). Her wrote (translated):

We have difficulties with the first Windows 11 installation with the Lenovo L590 model.

Error pattern: Blue screen in battery mode after 20 minutes at the latest. Occurs already when opening a browser or sometimes also in the login screen. You don't notice the problem when the power supply is connected.

The BSODs WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR and UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION are reported. The error WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR indicates hardware problems or conflicts with drivers. UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION could be caused by drivers and software. However, the user states that he tested a clean installation.

Installation with a fresh ISO in battery mode also leads to a blue screen (already during the installation; if it runs successfully, the error image follows after the installation).

If the "power supply" service is deactivated, the problem no longer occurs. However, this leads to side effects (fan control doesn't run, Windows doesn't restart correctly when testing the NB).

Driver/firmware updates or not – no solution found yet.

It looks like the device is not compatible with Windows 11. The question remains if there are still users with this combination who observe the same error pattern. I didn't find anything during a web search.

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18 Responses to Windows 11: BSODs in battery mode with Lenovo Thinkpad L590?

  1. Mateusz says:


    I have the same problem. With Windows 10 Lenovo works well, but when i install Windows 11 i can't even walk through first configuration.

    Also on Windows 10 Event viewer i have a lot of warnings called WHEA-Logger, i don't know is there connection between this two situations.

  2. Dima says:

    Hi Mateusz,

    which SSD and TPM is installed?

    We have installed the following SSD:

    and TPM:
    Tpm 2.0 STM7364

    We have now tried new SSDs and could not reproduce the error.

  3. Matt Carpenter says:

    I also have this same issue with the L490 Model.

    As long as the device is plugged into power, it will work properly. When power cord is removed and the device is on battery power, it will operate for a bit, before blue screening. This usually takes less than 10 minutes.

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  5. Paul Coghlan says:

    I have the same issue as Matt Carpenter.

    Lenovo L490
    Driver Microsoft 10.2.22000.832
    TPM STM 73.64.15668.6659

    Upgraded 3 months ago from Win 10 to Win 11 crashes started only when on battery power.
    Reinstalled Win 10 and crashes stopped.

    Now upgraded to Win 11 again after the latest release and the crashes have restarted when on battery.

  6. Bilel says:

    I have same issue with L490 as Paul and Matt, I have been switching between win10 and win11 several times, I even tried a fresh copy of windows 11 nothing help, tried so many tutorial on net nothing helped. I thought this 22H1 would solve the problem but no it still there, I went back to win 10 now.

  7. Leonardo says:

    Same problem on ThinkPad L490, found this post after I receive support from Lenovo and change the whole board, but the problem persist.

  8. Phil says:

    L590 – I noticed that if I boot the laptop while on battery, the BSOD is either showing up less frequently or even not at all.

  9. RaRu says:

    A new bios was released on Oct 22 version 1.30. Installed it on a notebook which showed the symptoms and so far it looks promising.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Raru, how are the results, one month later ? everything still working, or did you get the BSOD?

  10. Janny says:

    Problem now finally addressed and fixed with latest BIOS update (1.31) from 2022/12/13 for L490/L590.

  11. Qoo says:

    New BIOS 1.31 from Dec 13 fixes that issue for L490 ( 20Q5, 20Q6) + L590 (20Q7, 20Q8)


    Version 1.31

    [Problem fixes]
    – Fixed BSOD with Error WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR when disconnecting the AC Adapter in Win11 OS.

  12. Peter says:

    colleagues of mine with an L590 still have BSOD's with the latest BIOS 1.31 active
    Main difference: pre-1.31 they only had BSOD's when running on battery,
    with 1.31 they have BSOD's even when running with the power cable active.

  13. Nicola says:

    Hi everyone, my L590 after BIOS update to 1.31 still have BSOD's on battery mode. The only difference is that now the working elapsed time on battery mode is a bit increased but the error persist.

  14. Tomas says:

    Early 2024, We have 16 ThinkPad L490 machines on BIOS 1.33. They all crash within minutes of battery use.

    • Valter Anjos says:

      Hi Tomas! We have more than 2K systems with the same issue. Unfortunately Lenovo is saying there is no issue. We shipped a device with the issue and even so they claim to not see the issue on their environment..this is happening with OEM Windows 11 client so its hard to understand how they can say that. Looks like the only way is to buy new clients or swap the SSD.

  15. Ky says:

    The Problem is the SSD. Somehow, windows 11 is incompatible with the ssd. I tried to install windows 11 using bootable usb on other computer, the windows 11 installation does not even detect the ssd drive. Worst of all, you can't even find the driver online for this in house brand SSD by lenovo. Windows 10 no problem though, can install normally. I tried with other ssd brands such as crucial/kingston/samsung, windows 11 and 10 both can install and run normally. So, buy new nvme/ssd, or wait lenovo do something about this which i doubt.

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