Windows 10: Update KB5013942 from May 2022 ends with black screen?

Windows[German]A quick question to Windows 10 users: I'm receiving more and more reports that the update KB5013942 from May 10, 2022 ends with a a black screen before or after a user login. I'll post a short summary of the error pattern here, and I'd be interested to know if there are others affected – possibly also with other updates from the May 2022 patchday.


Update KB5013942 for Windows 10 20H2-21H2

Cumulative Update KB5013942 contains only security fixes, according to Microsoft (see Patchday: Windows 10 updates (May 10, 2022)). While there are various known issues in the Known Issues section:

The latter error is fixed by Known Issues Rollback (KIR). Individual error images may also refer to other KB articles in the description. Nothing really fits the problems outlined below.

Black screen before and after login

While following up on the update installation issues, I came across several comment entries from users at the colleagues of German site, who report problems with a black screen after login. Here is the translation:

Karel: I have massive problems logging in since the installation on my three machines running 21H2x64. It takes a very long time and I only see a black screen with mouse pointer. Ctrl-Alt-Del works though, and I can also start the task manager.

Addendum: if you wait a very long time, the normal desktop appears after the login. At the next (second) login of the user, at least for me, everything runs normally again. After the update, the game really works like this for every single created user at the first login.

Andreas: It's the same for me…

Dr Jimmy: The same on two computers. After the updates black screen, with Ctrl-Alt-Del then usual possibilities, I chose Cancel and came to the menu. Restarted and since then neither Taskmanager nor Command Prompt. Both are dead, no longer responds.

Addendum: I tried this this morning with the two other PCs. After the updates, my account welcome screen comes up briefly, then screen goes black. If I wait an estimated 5 min, it then goes to the normal desktop.
BUT: Even on my only 2 years old desktop PC (Ryzen 5, 16 GB) the same misery. Right click on the taskbar, selected task manager. Result: Nothing. Then tried to start task manager via command prompt, not possible. Cmd window pops up, but no prompt appears, input not feasible. Window clicked away, and Alt-F4 pressed. Nothing. Waited (about 3 min) then the window came up. Rebooted, but the problem persists, on my 4 PCs with different CPUs/MBs.


I can unfortunately confirm ( i3 7.Gen ) Build 1944.1645. Internet disconnected, KB 5013942 uninstalled, updates suspended for 7 days, after reboot so far again everything OK.

IIn the meantime, Hans has contacted me here on the blog with this German comment and reported the same problem (an entry from him can probably also be found at

These problems occurred on my DELL Latitude E6430 after the update. First, black screen for 5 minutes when logging in. This error occurs with every user account! The task manager takes 5 minutes to start. Programs with autostart also need several minutes until they are started.

HWINFO-64 starts, but freezes after 2 to 3 seconds.

After uninstalling kb5013942 everything works as before. Blocked the installation of updates for 14 days. Strangely enough, kb5013942 could be installed on my Lenovo Miix 310-10 without any problems and without any subsequent problem.

And I received a private message on Facebook, where a user told me, that the Windows 10 machine didn't show the Windows 10 login screen due to a black screen. And I got similar comments on Facebook to my German blog post reporting this issue.


On there is a thread May 10 2022 Cumulative update KB5013942 – causes issues, which reports a black screen. In all cases, the desktop comes up after a long wait (4-5 minutes) and users can work. However, many are left with only uninstalling the update to get rid of the problem. Question: Is there anyone else among the readership who observes this behavior?

Notes: The April 2022 preview update addresses an issue with Windows POS terminals taking up to 40 minutes to boot (see, for example, Windows 10 / Windows Server (20H2-21H2) Preview Updates (April 25, 2022)). Whether this is a root cause, isn't known.

Microsoft has published a support article for black screens. There is the hint to press the key combination Windows+ Ctrl + Shift + B. Provided Windows responds, it will sound a short beep and the screen will flash or dim while it tries to refresh the screen. You can also press Alt+Ctrl+Del to open the Task Manager, quit Windows Explorer and then restart explorer.exe (use the context menu of the Windows Explorer entry to restart), hoping that the system will then respond.

Tip: In case the system doesn't show the login screen or isn't useable, try to reboot 3 times, to trigger the auto repair mode. Within the auto repair mode go to Windows PE environment (see also the related suggestion for Windows PE in my article here). Select the tile Command Prompt to open the command prompt window of Windows PE. Use the command:

wusa /uninstall /kb:xxxxx

where xxxx is the kb number to uninstall the update (for instance wusa /uninstall /kb:5013942). 

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  1. Arnaud says:

    15 min of black screen for me. Alter that, no more problem.

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