Canon PIXMA/MAXIFY printers (MX492 etc.): Manual firmware update fixes restart loop

Canon MX492[German]There are numerous reports from owners of a Canon all-in-one printer that the device is unusable for printing, scanning, faxing, because it constantly restarts and can no longer be operated. Various Canon PIXMA and MAXIFY models are affected. After my reporting, Canon has confirmed the problem in a support post. The remedy is a manual firmware update of the Canon all-in-one multifunction device.


Device hangs in boot loop

I received the information that there were sudden problems with Canon MX492 printers on June 1, 2022 via a closed Facebook group. The printers would suddenly fail to work and remain in a boot loop. The error occurred when the device was connected to a network (and thus to the Internet) via Wi-Fi connection.


Canon MX492
Canon MX492, Source:Canon

I had addressed the issue in the blog post Canon MX492 All-in-one devices are restarting repeatly with WiFi/Internet connection. What was clear was that there was a DNS issue with this device, though it remained unclear whether a firmware update from Canon was the cause of the sudden device break. I had mentioned two workarounds in the blog post above:

  • Either block Internet connection in the router's firewall.
  • Or enter a fixed IP address, which does not exist in the network, for the DNS server at the printer.

Some readers reported, however, that the second solution did not work because the printer could not be operated via the keypad (whether it is due to the people who have not disconnected the Internet connection, I can not judge).


Canon confirms the bug

To  The Verge, Corporate Communications Senior Director and General Manager Christine Sedlacek confirmed, "We are currently investigating this issue and hope to find a solution shortly, as customer satisfaction is our top priority." There recommended workaround was to disconnect the Internet connection. Then, a few hours ago, Canon confirmed that the bug had been found and affected the following device models:

  • PIXMA iP110
  • MAXIFY iB4020
  • MAXIFY MB2020
  • MAXIFY MB2320
  • MAXIFY MB5020
  • MAXIFY MB5320
  • PIXMA MG6620
  • PIXMA MG7520
  • PIXMA MX490 / MX492

More models may be affected – Canon then plans to expand the list. Canon's support post states that Canon U.S.A., Inc. recently discovered that certain Canon inkjet printers constantly reboot or shut down after the Canon logo appears when the product is connected to the Internet. In this case, the printer cannot be used.

The use of a USB printer cable when disconnected from the Internet is recommended from Canon as a workaround. In addition, Canon USA has already provided firmware updates for the affected devices to correct the bug.

Manual firmware update provides fix

The firmware updates to fix the bug must be downloaded from Canon's support pages for the affected devices and installed manually.

  • To download the June 3, 2022 firmware, go to the support pages for the respective device type using the links above (they are also listed in the support article).
  • Then, download the firmware update package and extract this download file on a Mac or Windows computer. In professional manner.
  • Then, in a file manager, navigate to the Firmware – How To folder and then to the subfolder of the desired language.

There you will find an html file with instructions to run the Printer Update utility located in the unzipped folder. The tool, developed for macOS or Windows, should guide you through the steps for the firmware update.

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10 Responses to Canon PIXMA/MAXIFY printers (MX492 etc.): Manual firmware update fixes restart loop

  1. Charlie Dwyer says:

    Thank you so much, Born, for highlighting this problem, and ensuring that it was passed on to Canon. Hopefully, I will regain the use of my Pixma MG7550 printer, which has, up until now, given me excellent service.

  2. Janna Morel says:

    I woke up in the middle of the-night 2 days ago, As my pics mx492 canon printer kicked on and was looping repeatedly. Only way I could stop it was to disconnect the main cord. Please advise

  3. Steven Kern says:

    Really, so those of us who don't understand any of these instructions are SOL? We didn't create this problem; Canon needs to correct this as seamlessly and effortlessly for us as they created it.

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  5. Chris says:

    What if I don't have a computer? I only use my smart phone with my printer.

  6. Meshelle Zeigler says:

    Yes, I have a Cannon MAXIFY that I got for Christmas, and having the problems like you are stating would like another one. RECEIVED at WALMART in a SC store.

  7. Alison says:

    I attempted the listed steps and have tried literally EVERYTHING to correct this (many suggestions found by non-Canon employees out there), but it is still not working properly. I have sent an email to Canon in more than one place, and I am currently still on hold with their tech support department (55 minutes on hold thus far). Is there any other Canon updates out there that I am not seeing where they address the non-functioning update version 4.040? Thank you for sharing!

  8. Valantis says:

    1. Unplug the telephone cable from your router. Now you have wireless network without internet.
    2. Hard reset your printer (YouTube has many tutorials)
    3. Find your printer's Mac Address (Google it how this can be Made).
    4. Then from your router's configuration exclude the printer to be connected in internet, using the Mac address.
    5. Reconnect the telephone cable.
    7. All rights reserved.

  9. Matt says:

    The printer would not stay on long enough to install the files, so I opened the door to the ink cartridges in order to force it to remain on. Installing the files was easy after that.

  10. Dee says:

    Canon pixma MX 495 -Nearly ordered a new printer ! Then I found this article! Thank you! We also woke up in the middle of the night Germany with the printer making noises- really spooky. We could only stop it by pulling out the plug. Then I tried to reset the printer- googled the manual – reset ispushing two buttons) nothing worked and I gave up and started looking for a new printer and came across this article. I pulled out the phone cable of the router , plugged the printer – switched it on and then made a photocopy! That worked! Then connecting the phone cable back into the router and gave print command from my laptop and printing worked!!! And the printer is not in a loop anymore but silent!

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