Phishing gang responsible for millions in losses busted up by Europol (June 21, 2022)

Sicherheit (Pexels, allgemeine Nutzung)[German]The air for cybercriminals is getting thinner and thinner, judging by the reports from Europol. Europol has managed to dismantle a phishing gang responsible for millions in damages. The suspects sent emails and text messages with phishing links to fake banking websites. In an internationally coordinated operation, the fraudsters were arrested by police in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Successful phishing gang

The criminal group contacted victims via email, text message and mobile messaging applications. The gang members sent these messages with a phishing link that led to a fake bank website. Believing that they could access their own bank accounts through this website, victims were tricked into providing their banking information to the suspects.

Investigative results indicate that the criminal network managed to deprive its victims of several million euros through these fraudulent activities. The gang then used money couriers to transfer these funds from the victims' accounts and disburse the fraudulently obtained money in cash. Members of the group have also been linked to cases of drug trafficking and possible arms trafficking.

Phishing gang busted

It was again a concerted cross-border operation to dismantle this organized criminal gang involved in phishing, fraud, scams and money laundering. The operation, supported by Europol, involved the Belgian police (Police Fédérale/Federale Politie) and the Dutch police (Politie). The operation, conducted on June 21, 2022, ended with:

  • 9 arrests in the Netherlands
  • 24 house searches in the Netherlands
  • Seizure of firearms, ammunition, jewelry, electronic devices, cash, and cryptocurrency assets

Europol facilitated information sharing, operational coordination, and provided analytical support to the investigation. During the operation, Europol deployed three experts to the Netherlands to provide real-time analytical support and forensic and technical expertise to investigators on the ground.

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