Bye, bye Windows Information Protection (WIP) … (July 2022)

Windows[German]Short message for administrators who rely on WIP (Windows Information Protection) to protect corporate data. It's probably already known – but I'll mention it briefly anyway: Microsoft has "let WIP die", because Windows Information Protection will no longer be supported by Microsoft in Windows 10 and Windows 11 as of July 2022 and will be phased out. Successors are to be Microsoft Purview Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention for Multiple-Cloud.


What is WIP?

Windows Information Protection (WIP),  formerly known as Enterprise Data Protection (EDP), was introduced with Windows 10 version 1607 to give users control over their data. Administrators could use policies to control what users could do with applications and data. AppLocker was used for application control, and data was protected via EFS.

The whole thing also served to protect data on employees' mobile devices, and the whole thing could be managed via Intune. All in all, WIP was intended to prevent accidental data leaks through devices owned by employees in the company through apps and services such as email, social media and the public cloud, services that are outside of the company's control.

Microsoft lists examples to prevent here. Such a data leak occurs when, for example, an employee sends the latest technical drawings to their personal email account, copies and pastes product information into a tweet, or saves a recent sales report to their public cloud storage.

WIP reaches end of support

The following tweet came to my attention the other day, announcing the discontinuation of Windows Information Protection (WIP). According to this tech community post, certain features of Windows Information Protection (WIP) will be discontinued over time.


The Microsoft page her also contains a hint, dated July 22, 2022, about the support end. Microsoft says:

Starting in July 2022, Microsoft is deprecating Windows Information Protection (WIP). Microsoft will continue to support WIP on supported versions of Windows. New versions of Windows won't include new capabilities for WIP, and it won't be supported in future versions of Windows. For more information, see Announcing sunset of Windows Information Protection.

For your data protection needs, Microsoft recommends that you use Microsoft Purview Information Protection and Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention. Purview simplifies the configuration set-up and provides an advanced set of capabilities. Was that known? Someone who still uses WIP?

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