Firefox 104, 102.2 esr and 91.13 esr released

Mozilla[German]Mozilla's developers have released the versions 104.0.0, 102.2 ESR and 91.13 ESR of the Firefox browser on August 23, 2022. The ESR versions are maintenance updates that are supposed to fix bugs. Firefox 104 is a new development branch.


Blog readers pointed it out to me via comments here and here (thanks for that).

Firefox 104

Der Firefox 104  is a new development branch. According to the release notes, the August 23, 2022 update brings the new features listed below.

  • Subtitles are now available for Disney+ in Picture-in-Picture.
  • Firefox now supports both the scroll-snap-stop and re-snapping properties. You can use the values of the scroll-snap-stop property always and normal to specify whether or not to skip snap points, even when scrolling quickly. When snapping again, it tries to keep the last snap position after any change in the content/layout.
  • Firefox Profiler can analyze the power consumption of a website (Apple M1 and Windows 11 only).

Firefox Profiler

  • The Firefox UI itself is now throttled for performance and battery consumption reasons in terms of CPU usage when minimized or hidden, as is the case with background tabs.

The new version of Firefox brings the following bug fixes and fixes:

  • The highlight color is correctly preserved after entering the Enter key in the Mail Composer of Yahoo Mail and Outlook.
  • If you bypassed the https error page and navigate back, you will be taken to the error page you previously left. Back will now take you to the previously visited page.
  • The "Paste Unformatted" key combination (shift+ctrl/cmd+v) now works in plain text contexts, such as input and text area.

Furthermore, the developers claim to have closed several vulnerabilities. Some vulnerabilities are rated as high. 


Firefox 103.2 ESR and 91.3 ESR

Also the versions 103.2 and 91.3 with long-term support (ESR) were released. The release notes (91.13.0 ESR, 102.2.0 ESR) only talk about various stability and functionality fixes. In addition, various vulnerabilities are closed.

Firefox should update itself automatically, but can be downloaded from this website for various platforms (the variant is to be selected via the displayed list boxes).

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