Edge 106.0.1370.47 – does the browser causes hard disk accesses?

Edge[German]Microsoft has updated the Edge browser in the stable channel to version 106.0.1370.47 as of October 14, 2022. Is a security update, which should iron out the vulnerabilities fixed in Chrome. However, there are reports that Edge constantly writes to the system drives. In my opinion, this behavior is not really new.


Edge 106.0.1370.47

Google had released the update of the Google Chrome 106.0.5249.119 in the stable channel for Mac , Linux and Windows on October 11, 2022. With this update, six, as highly rated, security vulnerabilities were eliminated. I had given an overview of these vulnerabilities in the blog post Chrome 106.0.5249.119. In Edge 106.0.1370.47, these vulnerabilities are also fixed – as the release notes state:

Microsoft has released the latest Microsoft Edge Stable Channel (Version 106.0.1370.47), which incorporates the latest Security Updates of the Chromium project. For more information, see the Security Update Guide.

The browser will automatically update itself to this new version.

Report about unrelated disk access

An anonymous user has pointed in a comment within my German blog to the discussion Ms-Edge Web-Browser causes unrelated HDD access ?  on Google groups. 

The user had previously experienced recurring problems with write errors, but these were caused by Microsoft security update KB5017308. In the Google Group, the user does refer to the blog post Windows 10 Update KB5017308 causes issues when creating/copying files via GPO, but writes that these errors were resolved by uninstalling the update. 

In the Google Group, the user asks whether other users have also noticed that the Edge browser randomly accesses hard disks and network drives (NAS).

Did anyone noticed that MS-Edge browser causes access to HDDs on a NAS ?

The HDDs are in a 5 Bay NAS, all JBOD , Single Disks …,

But launching, or having used Edge-Brower i noticed the NAS-LEDs lighting up , where they should not …. .

I have been coping data on the array via Explorer.

Slot 1+2 = JBOD (Volume 1)
Slot 3= JBOD (Volume 2)
Slot 4=JBOD(Voltume 3)
Slot 5=JBOD(Volume 4)

Now i have been "moving data" from Volume1 to "Volume 2" which usually lights up the corresponding LEDs ,
on Volume 1 and Volume 2. (mostly LEDs on the Slots 2 and 3 , and Slot 1 abit , too . )

But while i was brwosing the web , with multiple TABs open in MS-Edge Webbrowser , i noticed …
All NAS Slot LEDs where lighting up ………

In the setup, described above, the user notices recurring accesses to various drives as soon as they browse Edge with multiple tabs open. I had suddenly the German blog posts, linked at the end of the article within my mind. But the bug with the .crdownload files being left behind doesn't really hit home, since the user states that the disk accesses also occur while browsing. And the cluttering of the disk by the Edge, which I described twice, doesn't really explain the NAS accesses either. Because these only access the user profiles. But the user writes that he could not reproduce the observed behavior after restarting the Edge. So I wonder if any of you have experienced something similar?


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