Workaround for Outlook login error to (October 2022)

[German]Users of Microsoft's Outlook client may run into the problem that no login to is possible. This is rejected with the hint to use a personal or school account after all. Now, as of October 27, 2022, Microsoft has released a workaround that looked oddly familiar – seems to be the universal lumberjack for Outlook problems.


The login problem

Users trying to log in to their account with the Microsoft Outlook client get an error dialog and the login is rejected. login error

Users who have already successfully added their own account to their Outlook profile, on the other hand, will see "Password required" in the status bar. When trying to log in with your account, users get the error message:-:

You cannot log in here with a personal account. Use your work or school account instead..

I don't know how long this problem has been occurring, but a search on the Internet finds some hits over the last few years. Currently, however, a bug seems to be triggering this error in Outlook (Microsoft 365), as Microsoft disclosed as of October 27, 2022 in the support article Can't sign in to Outlook with account.

There is a workaround

The Outlook team is investigating this issue to fix it, according to the support post. The bug is related to how Outlook wants to authenticate for diagnostics in some situations. Until a fix is available, Microsoft suggests disabling support diagnostics as a workaround. This disables the option to submit an in-app ticket via Help and then selecting Contact Support, Microsoft says – and that should work around the login issue. To disable Contact Support in Microsoft Outlook, set the DisableSupportDiagnostics entry to 1 in the following government key.




The following image shows the registry key in the Registry Editor with the diagnostics disabled.


The registry value looked familiar right away, and in the blog post Microsoft: Workaround for Outlook crash; rollback of Microsoft 365 to version 2205 I found it. Was a workaround for Outlook crashes recommended in August 2022. 

Well, that this "hack" is not forgotten, Microsoft recommends adding a reminder in the Outlook calendar for the end of December 2022. Then one is supposed to find out about the status of the fix. Once the bug is fixed, one should remember to visit the registry key to remove the entry for the above policy – so that one can continue to use the contact support.

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  1. luis cuervo says:

    buen dia tengo un inconveniente con mi correo ya ue me pidde iniciar secion en outlook pero al ingresar con mis datos me dice ue mi cuenta esta bloqqueada despues de esto ingreso como me pide para desbloquearla y no me es posible como me pueden colaborar ya ue tengo unos correos importantes que ver y no me permite gracias
    GB: English translation

    good day I have a problem with my email because it asks me to start session in outlook but when I enter my data tells me that my account is blocked after this I enter as it asks me to unlock it and it is not possible as I can help me because I have some important emails to see and does not allow me thank you

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