Windows 10 Pro: Is the energy-saving mode deactivated? (Nov. 2022)

Windows[German]Quick question to the Windows 10 users, if someone has also made the observation of a blog reader and can confirm this. A reader contacted me directly the other day and reported that his Windows 10 Pro (version should be the 22H2) automatically disabled the energy-saving mode. The system is not running in a domain, as the reader wrote, but is used for home automation.


A reader observation

German blog reader Uwe K. has send me a strange observation, he made with two systems (other readers has confirmed this since my initial post):

Good morning Günter,

I just noticed that my Windows 10 Pro automatically disabled the power saving mode. There is a home automation running on the PC, suddenly the values are missing.

Earlier this week I noticed at a customer that in the domain suddenly changed the times for the power saving mode of the screen! There was no group policy for this, the setting was set to 0 during installation.

That is of course unpleasant when the devices can no longer go into energy-saving mode and lose the settings. The question remains whether these are two isolated cases or whether this has affected more people in the last few days.

Is anyone else affected?

The reader suggested that this might be a topic for the blog that more users would be interested in. In a quick search on the Internet, however, I did not find any other hits. Therefore the question: Was anyone else affected – last week was patchday.

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