Windows 11 22H2: Microsoft confirms display bug inTask Manager caused by update KB5020044

Windows[German]Preview update KB5020044 from November 29, 2022 causes problems when displaying the Task Manager in different display modes. After blog readers have already reported it, this bug has been confirmed by Microsoft as of November 30, 2022. At the same time, measures are proposed to fix such problems.


Display problems in Task Manager

I had reported in the blog post Windows 11 22H2: Preview Update KB5020044 (Nov. 29, 2022) about that preview update KB5020044. Among other things, a bug in the input mode editor (required for Asian languages) that caused applications to freeze was fixed. Occurred when users used keyboard shortcuts to change the IME's input mode. Other fixes relate to hangs in File Explorer when file dialogs were displayed.

Task-Manager Anzeige

Shortly after the blog post was published, German blog reader McAlex777 reached out in a comment within my German blog and described a display bug in Task Manager:

Installed today, and the following error:

When "Color Scheme Default Dark" and "Color Scheme App Mode Light" is (i.e. Taskbar Dark, Apps Light), Task Manager appears in "Dark" mode, with dark font and cannot be made light either (see above image). Other apps are normally bright.

When "Color Scheme" are completely Dark, or completely Light, the Task Manager behaves correctly.

The bug was then confirmed by other German blog readers.

Microsoft confirms the display bug

Then this morning I saw the official confirmation from Microsoft dated November 30, 2022 on the Windows Release Health Status page of Windows 11 22H2. The post Task Manager might not display in expected colors states:


After installing KB5020044, Task Manager might display certain elements in the user interface (UI) in unexpected colors. On affected devices, Task Manager should function as expected but some parts of the UI might not be readable. You might be affected by this issue if you have "Choose your mode" set to "Custom", in the Personalization -> colors section of Settings. If you are using Dark or Light for the "Choose your mode" setting, you should not be affected by this issue.

Microsoft suggests setting the "Choose your mode" setting to "Dark" or "Light" as a workaround until the problem is fixed. The developers are working on a solution and will provide an update in one of the next versions.

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