Firmware update fixes Jabra (e.g. Engage 75) headsets issues with MS Teams (Dec. 15, 2022)

Teams[German]Quick note for administrators and users who use the Jabra Engage 75 (or other Jabra) headsets in a corporate environment. Anyone affected by the issues that have arisen since December 2022 with Microsoft Teams should try the firmware update from Dec. 15, 2022 for Jabra Engage 75. I was told, that the new firmware fixes the issues. I'm compiling the information I've received.


Problems with Jabra headset and MS Teams

The wireless headsets from the provider Jabra cost several hundred euros and are mainly used in the corporate environment. Since the beginning of December 2022, users complained that there were problems with the Jabra Engage 75 headset in conjunction with Microsoft Teams. The headsets crash as soon as Microsoft Teams calls arrive. Other users experienced problems with accepting phone calls, etc. People using the Jabra Engage 65 who were affected also came forward.

I had reported about this case, brought to my attention by a blog reader, within the blog post Jabra (Engage 75) headsets crash on MS Teams calls (Dec. 2022). On there is this discussion on the topic. I had posted a workaround in my blog post that must have helped with those affected.

Those affected with that problem could neither identify a Microsoft Teams update nor a Jaba firmware update as a root cause. In this German comment, a reader referring to Jabra support, and reports that an old Lync implementation in the firmware is triggered with the new MS Teams release, which leads to these problems (incorrect HID commands).

Jabra Firmware update available

Jabra has released a firmware updates for the affected headsets on Dec. 15, 2022. In the article Release notes for Jabra Engage 75, the base firmware version 5.7.3 and the headset firmware version 5.6.0 are described as released. The release note states that the following issue has been resolved:

Reboot when receiving an incoming Microsoft Teams call

So exactly the problem described above. Blog readers confirm that this solves the problem in their environment.

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