D-Link: End of support for mydlink Home and mydlink Baby Monitor Apps and Cloud Services (Dec. 30, 2022)

Stop - Pixabay[German]Are you using D-Link products like the mydlink Baby Monitor or mydlink Home. Today, December 30, 2022, vendor D-Link will shut down certain cloud services. The aforementioned devices will then become electronic junk because their functionality will be lost. An example of why you should not buy and use products with cloud features.


D-Link has announced the facts in the article mydlink Home and mydlink Baby Monitor End of Service. On December 30, 2022, D-Link cloud services will be shut down for the following D-Link products, the manufacturer writes. For mydlink Home, the following products from D-Link are affected:

  • DCS-935LH
  • DCS-8200LH
  • DCS-5025L
  • DSP-W110
  • DSP-W215
  • DCH-S150
  • DCH-S160
  • DCH-G020
  • DCH-G020X
  • DCH-Z110
  • DCH-S220
  • DCH-Z120
  • DCH-Z310

Support for DCS-935L and DCS-5010L will be discontinued in the mydlink Home app, but users of the mydlink Lite/mydlink+ app will not be affected. Likewise, support for DCH-Z510 will be discontinued in the mydlink Home app. However, users of the mydlink app are not affected. Of the mydlink baby cameras, the following models are affected by the cloud services shutdown:

  • DCS-700L
  • DCS-800L
  • DCS-820L
  • DCS-825L
  • DCS-850L
  • DCS-855L

Users of the mydlink Home and mydlink Baby Monitor apps will then no longer be able to log in via these apps after December 30, 2022. In addition, all services will no longer be available as they will be discontinued. This affects remote viewing, management and setup of all products connected to the mydlink Home and mydlink Baby Monitor apps and cloud services.

D-Link will also remove the apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store following the end of service. App updates will also no longer be available. The manufacturer recommends having the apps updated again, as the updated "compatible" apps" will still allow login to manage "other" Mydlink devices. "However, login to the Mydlink Home and Mydlink Baby Camera apps will no longer be possible," the manufacturer writes in this article's FAQ.

D-Link argues that, after all, the products are no longer in distribution and their support end date has been reached. Anyone who has purchased a product listed above within the last year can contact D-Link – the manufacturer then assumes an "erroneous sale" after the end of the sales period and will probably seek a goodwill settlement. However, the case once again shows that you should steer clear of all the IoT and home automation stuff from this and other manufacturers. Anyone affected by the deactivation?


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68 Responses to D-Link: End of support for mydlink Home and mydlink Baby Monitor Apps and Cloud Services (Dec. 30, 2022)

  1. Jimmy Holmes says:

    Yes I am affected. Amazingly, I find this article 1 day late. I purchased a suite of items to be a gift 3 years ago. That person returned it to me after a year and a half. She no longer needed it and found the alerts annoying. She knew they were expensive and wanted to give it back so we could put it to use.

    I say to myself, I'll use it. Only today, December 31, I attempt to connect camera, camera recorder, smart plug, and motion sensor. Only to find that the mydlink home app which they need is no longer available. I now have useless items because you can not select them in the updated dlink apps.

    I search Google and find this article.

    They want to force customers to buy new.

    • Ulf Bromberg says:

      I have 5 units two still work. But as everyone say will not buy dlink again.

      • Jos fransen says:

        Same, here. I can not manage these devices anymore. But the config is still in there so my light turn on/off because the programmed scheduling.

        Still i find this very anoying. I also will not buy any of there products anymore!!

  2. Thierry Lenoir says:

    Unacceptable, I'll never buy products from this brand anymore. Cam of 200 boxes to put on trash can !!!!

  3. Yonghong Gao says:

    I'm affected since I bought DCS-935LH a few years ago. Unacceptable, I'll never buy products from this brand anymore since you never know in future it will work or not. They try to force people to buy their new models. This is extremely bad behavior!

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  5. Pat Haley says:

    D-link as a manufacturer is now dead to me!

    • Joseph Carbonneau says:

      same here ill have to replace 5 dlink cams around my house,no more dlink product for me.

  6. Hatem says:

    mydlink Home and mydlink View-NVR applications are no more available.
    It is not acceptable to cancel these products. I will never use DLINK products.

    • Gary says:

      My DNR app also stopped working. But why did it stop working? Given that it does not use the home or baby services.

  7. john k says:

    never again this brand.

    had got a lot from them, home security , hubs, sensors, cameras, smart plugs. liked them
    had login issues the previous days to mydlink home app.

  8. Ron says:

    This is a class-action lawsuit, waiting to happen! I'm very upset with D-Link.

  9. Bassem says:

    I have three DCH – s160 water sensors. They are not compatible with the new MyDlink app. I paid 90 bucks for each of these. If d-link makes their products obsolete and trashes their customers then no one should ever buy a D-Link product again.

    • Steve says:

      Same with me, water sensors, cameras, power/plugs, sensors, sirens – all dead now and you know each of them is 50-100$.

    • QAISAR says:

      i am using sensores 50€ per sensor i have 5 i lost 250€
      no body buy dlink products
      any legal advierte lot of People weste money

    • Peter says:

      10 935LH cameras and 3 motion detectors will now be thrown into the trashbin. It would not be a big effort for D-Link to create support for those cameras etc in their existing app.

      Shame on You D-Link to do this in the times when the world is talking about sustainability.

  10. Dan Williams says:

    it should be a law that if you provide a service such as this and decide to discontinue it, you should make it open source so that people can use it outside of the original app.

  11. Dimitris says:

    I will NEVER buy any product from Dlink again. It's a death company for me. I have more than 10 sensors, cameras, smart plugs that I have to put in in my Recycle Bin now! thank you

  12. Thomas says:

    We learned today: don't buy D-link…
    Is there a way to access these cameras via other ways? They have a web based interface as well, maybe they can be used via a local video server via that…

  13. Renzo Elvironi says:

    Unacceptable!!! I'm interested in a class action group if there was one.

  14. Dave King says:

    I have a DSP-W110 that I use to control various things, and I received an email from D-Link telling me they were no longer supporting it, and that they had sent me an email earlier in the month as a warning. I rec'd no such email. This is a bullshit marketing ploy. I have other smart devices that are much older than this product, from other manufacturers, and they have not been rendered inoperable by such tactics. Even Microsoft allows their products to continue being used after reaching the end of service date. Go ahead and put out a security warning, but don't make the decision for me that I no longer can use a product. Goodbye D-Link.

  15. Robert.. UK says:

    so what app alternatives are available?
    and what action can people suggest.

    D link have created land fill.. PIR and smart plug .. hardware wise still had useful life..
    not acceptable.
    this can not be within consumer law surely.

    comments ?

  16. Alberto Bianchi says:

    Also for me is not acceptable.
    At least the indication from d-link of a different system for using the product should be indicates to the market.

  17. Jeff says:

    This is simply absurd. Their brand is in jeopardy imho. Who's going to buy again fron them? Not me definitely! I'm waiting for the nex class action lawsuit that will come for sure.

  18. Jim Gonzalez says:

    Half dozen or more DSP-w110 units no longer functioning! I am a dealer and reseller – will likely no longer recommend or resell D-Link … this is really poor customer service, they should at least provide instructions to access the device from web browser or some other utility so they can be controlled from computer or an app on the phone without their cloud service.

  19. karel says:

    never ever D-Link again

  20. Dennis Ratcliffe says:

    D-link needs to allow some local access to these unites so we can access them. I have several setup that are on schedules and I can't see why they can't be controlled in my local network without having to go to a cloud service. I've been a faithful user of their products over the years and this is a huge turn off.

  21. Steven says:

    Unbelievable! My smart plug, and motion sensor are now completely useless and ready for trash!

  22. Frank says:

    you can still use the cameras with a different app dlink lite or my dlink lite. I am having trouble connecting the wifi siren however.. any one know how the sensor and alarm chirp devices can be connected now?

  23. Pedro says:

    I bought the Zwave hub + 2 door sensors + 2 motion sensors + 2 sirens , in Portugal all of this costed around 250 euro, now all to trash. i think dlink should at least give away new firmware with local features / management to this devices , since they were sold as a product and not as a service. I think this is a lawsuite matter…

    • allan says:

      Same here, have a bunch of the equipment, that worked fine, until now. Really a lousy company = Dlink. WILL also never buy from them again.

  24. Mr Sagar says:

    My perfectly working DSP-W215 is dead.
    They should have given the respective servers to run something like "Community servers" owned by dlink users.

  25. Sava says:

    I found this site today as I was flushing a water heater… decided to test my DCH-S160 water sensor at the time… it beeped, but of course no longer sends me an email… as I began to Google and landed here, I notice the product has been discontinued, the myDlink app no longer works… just glad I figured it out before I depended on this P.O.S. device to warn me of any water damage in the future! I always had bad luck with Dlink routers, cameras, etc. Bought this sensor 18-months ago at the suggestion of someone else, but you can add my name to the growing list of ex-DLink customers.

  26. DOMEN says:


  27. russ says:

    I have a water sensor (can't remember model) a DSP w110 and w215. The biggest hurt is the w215. This had power consumption and allowed you to power on devices that drew a higher wattage. I'm not sure why D-link went this route. What prevented them from incorporating these devices into the MyDlink app (replaces mydlink home)?

    It's certainly an argument to never buy anything Dlink again. I know I won't.

    • Edan Manos says:

      same problem here, in addition i have a camera installed in my garage, which is now useless!!!
      no more DLink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Elvino Marques says:

    TP-Link never again, I can say hello TP-Link (Chinese copy of d-link is much better than original brand).
    I had 4 motion sensors, 1 Hub, 1 Alarm and 02 temperature sensors, more than €200 for waste.

    Since I started using TP-Link equipment I realized how much better it is compared to D-Link, from quick and practical configuration, to firmware updates, especially reliable equipment.

    Friends, D-Link is dead for me, a brand that doesn't care about the customers that make it rich, it's not even good for it

  29. D. Nemers says:

    Dear D-Link,
    You have killed your customers and have created a vast amount of e-waste. For that, you deserve the death penalty.

  30. Rid RAC says:

    j'ai un capteur de Présence et une prise intelligente qui ne sont plus répertoriés sur dlink home. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi ils fait ça et ils n'ont pas pris le soin de nous envoyer un Email. Au moins donnez nous la possibilité d'être reconverti sur une autre plateforme :Les chinois qu'on insulte souvent n'ont jamais fait ça :C'EST DU VOL.

    I have a Presence sensor and a smart plug that are no longer listed on dlink home. I don't understand why they are doing this and they didn't bother to send us an email. At least give us the opportunity to be converted to another platform: The Chinese who are often insulted have never done this: IT IS THEFT.

  31. Ronald Knapik says:

    I have 7 s150 motion detectors and 8 of the sirens. It is total bull shit that there is no way to use them anymore. Will never ever buy anymore dlink device and will replace all the other dlink devices I have with another brand. To end support is one thing but to turn these devices into junk is unacceptable. I know they don't care regardless what. Dlink, you suck.

  32. Mat says:

    What kind of a garbage D-Link is, to end their cloud service and put more electronic devices into the landfill?
    I for one will never buy D-Link product again.

  33. Eduardo Cruz says:

    Same issue here. 2 dsp w 215 not working anymore, plus an alarm and a motion sensor that was bought around 6 months ago. This is a scam from Dlink. Truly upset with the brand. Bad decitions from them. Fully agree for a collective and international lawsuite.

  34. Gabor Dinya says:

    Yeah, and they write: "We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you again for your understanding.". F*ck them. Nobody understands this except them. Why can't they make the new app able to control the old devices?

    • Ron says:

      Full agree.

      At least gives us an upgrade path. I would have been fine paying half the price to cover the actual cost of hardware.

  35. George Loizou says:

    Microsoft and other suppliers, stop support for their products, but you can still use them without updates. Surely what Dlink has done is against some law; supply goods and then stop their operation! The supply of firmware updates or apps for them, would have been acceptable, but not actually stop communication to them.
    I made the mistake recently, of purchase 2 dlink cameras and I was very unhappy with the new "mydlink" app that works whenever it wants to and now with my smart switches not working, I think it's time to look to other manufacturers.

  36. George Loizou says:

    How stupid can a "serious" company be? Not only did they stop the cloud support, but you also loose the local access, so even if you connect to the unit's wifi, you can't do anything. I have a lot of smart switches that I can't access to change the times on them and also bought 2 cameras recently, that they too at some point will stop being supported. GOOD LUCK Dlink, I don't see a future for you!!
    You should reconsider your action and atleast, give us an alternative. A lot of companies stop support for old software/hardware, but atleast they still run after their EOL, without updates etc. How do you expect people to trust you after this?

    • Alen says:

      Fully agreed with your statement. I have the same opinion and I lost 8 devices.
      As I'm in IT business, for my clients, for sure I will not recommend d-link.

  37. 3altaza2 says:

    Has anyone found an alternative to use the smart plugs? Thank you!

  38. Ron says:

    What makes them a horrible company is that they were still selling units on Amazon right now. Not a 3rd party. But, from D-Link.

    Before December, it was sold without any warning to users that the cloud service is being shutdown. Now, it says discontinued. But, why even sell it? It doesn't work without the app.

    I'm fine with things being deprecated. But, they should have stop sales of the physical product a year before of End of Life…along with the announcement. And, for existing customers, there should be have an a fair upgrade path. They didn't even give discounts to existing customers. That is just greedy.

    By the way, I contacted support and the person pretty leak to me that they unit works with the new cloud service. They just decided to block it.

    Not sure if they have real product managers. If they do, fire this person.

    I will never buy a D-link product again. And, I recommend stuff to friends and failing all the time. Terrible.

  39. alen says:

    I will never buy any d-link product anymore.

  40. David says:

    I think the dealers should react properly against D-link corporation. They are actually the ones who meet the customers physically. There are also some products for sale on e.g. Ebay and Amazon. Someone has actually been honest and pointed out that the software in the form of the Mydlink Home app is not accessible now. Another thing that D-link should be able to fix is ​​that if you insist on not starting the app again, then at least integrate the devices into the new mydlink app.

  41. David says:

    I will use every opportunity to downplay all D-Link products to customers and friends. D-Link LIES LIES LIES "D-Link Makes your Smart Home Smarter, Safer and Truly seamless." Don't ever believe what this company says.

  42. Xabier says:

    Is there any way to recover funcionality, up grado de firmware, other app,….????

    Thank you.

  43. Stefan says:

    Same story with my family. We purchased few years ago a two cameras, PIR sensor and one WiFi plug and now our security system is death.
    Thank you D-Link!
    The worst company.
    But we decided to step for a full refund.

  44. William Roberts says:

    Does anyone know of a product to replace myDlink Home? I don't think D-Link published the source software so that others could maintain the software without cloud support.

  45. Mark Gerner says:

    I too lost not only money but what for me were quality product working products. Amazon and other online sellers benefited greatly $$$ through sales of these now discontinued and disconnected D-Link iCloud devices. It's time for these sellers to step forward and refuse to sell products from this manufacturer. It was understandable that when the FCC finally mandated the switch from analog to digital TV signals, that analog TVs would no longer be able to receive signal. But even in that case TV manufacturers made money by coming out with a digital to analog converter. D-Link has no justification for shutting off web and App access to these discontinued devices.

  46. No Name says:

    just updated,

    there is a way to hack into the devices w215, using home assistant server, if it is already setup!

    DO NOT Reset the device!, password, username etc,

    I was able to still use the devices!

  47. Ron Knapik says:

    Well it took time and will not change anything but I finally replaced every d-stink device I owned with a different brand. All 53 devices in my home and in my business. I hope they go out of business, they deserve to.

    • Ron says:

      Wow. 53. If anyone should get a discount is you. You were a great customer. D-Link is terrible.

  48. francisco says:

    d-link never more. I bought an awarded home kit and they simply shut down an app making completely useless

  49. steve g says:

    top end dlink 855l is bricked just after a year of sale… never again F… Dlink

  50. Leo says:

    I have two DSP-W110 plugs which became electronic junk after the worst company Dlink ended their earlier products life by the end of last year, this company Dlink should be prosecuted for customer fraud.

  51. Torben says:

    Shit I have W215 and i can not use it more.
    The company are a big asshole

  52. HARRY SMEDLEY says:

    i have dlink power plug in my garage , connected to light and was connected to alexa for voice command. Just stopped working last night causing me to stumble in the dark and rip my shoulder.
    Surely it is wrong to sell something with such short term use and dangerous,
    Harry …Australia

  53. Stoyan Nikolov says:

    I have more than 10 devices, plugs, cams, sensors and everything now is a junk. I will never buy anything from D-Link again. The worst company ever.

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