Windows 11 22H1: RDP issues fixed by preview update

Windows[German]Users have been complaining about problems with remote desktop connections (RDP) under Windows 11 22H2 for months. In deed, first reports about that issue has been public sice December 2021. Last week, Microsoft released a preview update for Windows 11 22H2, which is supposed to fix confirmed RDP problems.


Windows 11 22H2 RDP problems

Users who have switched to Windows 11 22H2 since its release have complained about problems with RDP connections in this operating system.

First reports here in the blog

Within my German blog, reader Michael wrote back in October 2022 in this comment to the blog post Windows 11 22H2: Probleme und Upgrade-Stopper, that he was having problems with remote desktop connections. After installing the feature update to Windows 11 22H2, remote desktop clients can no longer connect, the RDP connection randomly drops or freezes unexpectedly. Also in the Microsoft Answers forum, there is a thread Issues with Remote Desktop on Windows 11 after Update 22H2, where a user described a problem with Remote Desktop.

Microsoft investigated RDP problems

Based on various reports from people affected, there was a semi-official confirmation from a Microsoft employee that these RDP issues were being investigated on Windows 11 22H2. I had mentioned this in the blog post Windows 11 22H2: Microsoft investigates RDP issues There I had also given a workaround that worked for some affected people.

In the meantime there are more comments about this problem in the German blog. So the workarounds should not work after January 2023 either.

Microsoft confirms the RDP problem

As of November 22, 2022, Microsoft confirmed the issue within the known issues section of Windows 11, version 22H2, healt status page – see Connections may fail when using Remote Desktop Connection Brokers. Microsoft says that the Windows Remote Desktop application may stop responding when connecting through a Remote Desktop Gateway or Remote Desktop Connection Broker. An example of this connection scenario is connecting to a Remote Desktop Service Collection. RemoteApp and desktop connections are methods by which this connection is made.

Microsoft writes that this problem can be observed when the client goes through the "Loading the virtual machine" or "Configuring the remote connection" steps. The bug can occur regardless of the operating system version installed on the remote computer. In some cases, the error message "Your Remote Desktop Services session has been terminated" may be displayed.


If the application stops responding, it may need to be terminated using Windows Task Manager. For this, Microsoft had posted instructions in the article Connections may fail when using Remote Desktop Connection Brokerst. Disabling UDP on the client via Group Policy was also stated as a workaround.

Microsoft fixes the RDP problem

On January 26, 2023, Microsoft then released the preview update KB5022360 for Windows 11 version 22H2 (I had reported in the blog post Windows 11 22H2: Preview-Update KB5022360 (Jan. 26, 2023)). In the list of fixed issues, there is also a note that an issue in Remote Desktop Connections has been fixed.

This update fixes a problem that affects mstsc.exe. It stops responding while connecting to a RemoteApp and Desktop connection.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has also updated the article Connections may fail when using Remote Desktop Connection Brokers in the Known Issues section of the Windows 11 22H2 Health Status page (thanks to EP for pointing this out), writing there that the issue has been fixed with update KB5022360. The workaround of disabling UDP on the Windows 11 22H2 client is no longer required.

At this point, my note on my October 2022 comment. MVP Rudy Ooms had already described this bug, which first appeared in the Insider Previews for Windows 11 22H2, on December 24, 2021 in the post A Christmas Remote Desktop Client.

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