RDS issues after Windows update KB5015808

Windows[German]I am posting an issue here on the blog that was reported recently to me by a blog reader. He is experiencing massive issues with his Server 2016 based RDS infrastructure after installing update KB5015808 (for Windows 10 version 1607 Enterprise LTSC and Windows Server 2016). So far there is not really anything to be found on the Internet.


Windows Update KB5015808

Update KB5015808 is available for Windows 10 version 1607 Enterprise LTSC as well as Windows Server 2016. The update is out July 12, 2022, and fixes a number of issues, with Microsoft listing the following highlights.

  • Fixes a known issue that may be preventing you from using the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature.
  • Fixes security issues for your Windows operating system.

The support article gives a much larger list of fixes:

  • Addresses an issue that causes searchindexer.exe to stop responding during a dismount operation in the Remote Desktop setup environment.
  • Addresses an issue that redirects the PowerShell command output so that transcript logs do not contain any content. Transcript logs might contain decrypted passwords if you turn PowerShell logging on. Consequently, the transcript logs lose the decrypted passwords.
  • Addresses a known issue that might prevent you from using the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. When attempting to use the hotspot feature, the host device might lose the connection to the internet after a client device connects.
  • Addresses an issue that prevents the use of Encrypted File System (EFS) files over a Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) connection.
  • Addresses an issue that causes Microsoft NTLM authentication using an external trust to fail. This issue occurs when a domain controller that contains the January 11, 2022 or later Windows update services the authentication request, is not in a root domain, and does not hold the Global Catalog role. The affected operations might log the following errors:
    • The security database has not been started.
    • The domain was in the wrong state to perform the security operation.
  • Addresses an issue that causes the primary domain controller (PDC) of the root domain to generate warning and error events in the System log. This issue occurs when the PDC incorrectly tries to scan outgoing-only trusts.
  • Addresses an issue that might damage BitLocker virtual machine-based (VM) system files if you expand the BitLocker partition while the VM is offline.
  • Addresses a known issue that prevents Windows servers that use the Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) from correctly directing internet traffic. Devices that connect to the server might not connect to the internet, and servers might lose connection to the internet after a client device connects to them.

In the support article, Microsoft writes that there are no known problems with the update. .

RDS problems after update

German blog reader Patrick B. contacted me by mail last week and reported massive problems he encountered in connection with update KB5015808 in his RDS infrastructure. He writes about this:

Hello Mr. Born

As a regular reader of your blog especially regarding update issues, I would like to provide some input of my own.

In our RDS infrastructures based on Server 2016 we have had massive problems since the July update KB5015808.

Blackscreens, hanging logins, sporadic hangs and crashes.

The classic measures have all been taken:

Firewall Policy Bloat
Disable Cortana
App Readiness

So far, we have found the problem only on installations with more than 20 users, but with several customers at the same time.

There we inevitably also use FSLogix. Whether this has a connection or not, we can not (yet) conclusively judge, because the symptoms also occur only from a certain load on the RDS.

In any case, RDS on Server 2019 does not seem to be affected. The problems have started at the same time as the installation of the said update.

We intentionally wait 3-4 weeks with the rollout, was probably too little time in this case.

Since the uninstallation of the update (which takes about 1h) we have not received any new error messages.

Unfortunately, nothing can be found about this on the web yet. Possibly a publication in your blog would lead to some more visibility and clarity.

Anyone with similar experiences? Addendum: Ich have added some explanations about an "inoffcial" fix via KIR within my blog post Windows Server 2016: Fix for RDP issues in KB5015808 and later.


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13 Responses to RDS issues after Windows update KB5015808

  1. Martin says:

    Hello together,

    we got the problem on multiple 2016 Citrix Sites using FSL.
    2012 and 2019 is not affected.

    Problem occours after Installing KB5015808 (07-2022) or the KB5016622 (08-2022)

    Enum of logged On Users stops working.
    Task Manger lists Users as
    Logging off Users stops working

    Kind Regards

  2. Patrick Tavares dos Santos says:

    Alguem com problema nas impressões após aplicar o update?

  3. Peter Camps says:

    Hell Martin,

    Just wondering, what brand of printers are being used?

    We have the same problem at 1 customer, trying to find a common denominator for this issue.


    • Martin says:

      Hello Peter,

      yes, HP and Kyocera.

      Difference is:
      Customer with kyocera Printer -> KB5015808 on Print Server -> Login Stops Working while Apply Printer GPO -> winlogon event that gpmc not responded in time.

      Customer with HP Printer -> KB5015808 on Citrix Farm -> Login Stops at FSLogix Process -> winlogon event that fslsvc not responded in time.

      Kind Regards

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  5. guenni says:

    A user wrote on twitter to me:

    It was worth to updating the RDP hosts, they need 3-5 installs and reboots to get update 08/2022 installed they are telling also 2 or 3 times to rollback the updates… idk, I hate such things… fyi

    • Enno says:

      It's a mess, the updates are still rolling back,but show up as installed afterwards. I currently lost in finding a solution for this. I will keep you posted when I found a solution…

  6. Kumar says:

    Do you have any update on this issue.we are also facing the same issue

  7. Frankie says:

    Same problems at our customer site.
    KB5016622 installed, only have HP printers, FSlogix

    3x RDS 2016 in a Farm with a lot of problems (logon freeze / logoff displayen "signing out / black screen after logon, only with a mouse cursor)

    1 2016 RDS server not member of a farm has NO problems ???

  8. Bill Davis says:

    In case it helps, this reddit.com post ( https://www.reddit.com/r/fslogix/comments/w8ies1/comment/iltn94b/ ) about 10 days ago mentions this registry setting that might help:
    DWORD: 254221451
    Value: 0
    Setting to 0 will disable the 'fix' MS released in KB5015808 and the August update which is causing these issues.

    This registry setting is a shortcut to applying some sort of MSFT fix that was recently made available.

    We are testing this morning on our VDI farm in phases.

  9. martin says:

    and is helping the reg key ?
    we have the same issue, after the KB5015808 lots of ghost sessions on citrix.

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