Microsoft July 2023 Patchday issues: Windows 10 22H2 Update KB5028166 – Part II

Windows[German]Microsoft's July 11, 2023 security update KB5028166 seems to be turning into a problem bear. I have already been contacted by two pages from the readership, who report hints of different problems with third-party security solutions, NAS drives or similar. So I'm picking up new issues, since I hadn't cover it in part I.


Update KB5028166 for Windows10 21H2/22H2

Cumulative Update KB5028166 for Windows 10 Version 21H1 – 22H2 contains various security fixes and improvements to the operating system. Some information can be found in the article Windows 10 22H2 Preview Update KB5027293 – (June 27 2023), the post Patchday: Windows 10-Updates (July 11, 2023) contains the patchday description.

Patchday issues

German blog reader tecci had already commented that there were problems on five of his supported customer systems. An overview of the problems that occurred (e.g., connection problems with OpenLDAP servers and RDP connections, as well as installation errors) can be found in the blog post Microsoft July 2023 Patchday issues (Windows, Office, Apps) – Part I.

Problems on older hardware

Blog reader tecci then pointed out to me separately in a personal message on Facebook the other days that the cumulative update KB5028166 for Windows 10 version 21H1 – 22H2 can cause trouble on older hardware (thanks for that). He has collected his experiences in the German blog post KB5028166 macht Probleme.

His observation: If older systems show a "strange behavior" since 7/11/2023, or have become slow after the update, hang when shutting down or there are app startup problems, it may be due to the update. This also coincides with some experiences from the blog post Microsoft July 2023 Patchday issues (Windows, Office, Apps) – Part I.

According to his notes, a remedy is to temporarily disable third-party protection software (until the next system reboot). In addition, one should reboot several times as part of the update installation, with antivirus turned off. Maybe it helps.


Other problems with update KB5028166

EP left this comment (thanks) and pointed out this article at, where various follow-up issues of the update are addressed.

  • On, there is this discussion thread where a user reports that the system has become slow and "laggy" after the update. Apps and applications like Chrome also take a long time to start.
  • Another user report in Microsoft's feedback hub suggests that the update is causing network problems – also corresponds with my notes in the post Microsoft July 2023 Patchday issues (Windows, Office, Apps) – Part I. Drivers can also cause issues after the update (WLAN sticks that no longer work were mentioned here in the German blog post).
  • The update has probably also affected the SMB Secure Channel, so that a communication with devices or SAMBA servers etc. breaks. On there is this thread with a discussion of these issues in relation to Synology Directory Server. However, the manufacturer seems to have issued a fix for this issue. Details can be found in the origin post.

The known issues section of update KB5028166 didn't mention anything about that. Perhaps the above additions will help one or the other blog reader to classify such "strange" problems and, if necessary, to fix them by uninstalling the update, disabling the virus protection for the installation, etc.

Side topic: Intel's hybrid x86 CPUs of the 12th generation seem to have performance problems under Windows 10. Microsoft is probably trying to counteract this in Windows 11. has published some hints in this article.

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Microsoft July 2023 Patchday issues (Windows, Office, Apps) – Part I
Microsoft July 2023 Patchday issues: Windows 10 22H2 Update KB5028166 – Part II

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2 Responses to Microsoft July 2023 Patchday issues: Windows 10 22H2 Update KB5028166 – Part II

  1. Marcos says:

    after to install kb5028166 patch, we are having a black screen issue.

    I would like to know how I can prevent that.
    Could you help me?

    I did the installing of that patch above in around 1000 machines, but im getting that issue in 7 machines.

    • guenni says:

      Try to boot into save mode, if possible and check, if the desktop is available. Check, whether a log file (cbs.log for instance after dism) or entries in event log delivers more clue.

      And you can use the Windows Performance toolkit to analyze Windows boot, shutdown etc. I have a German blog post Windows: Start, Herunterfahren, Ruhezustand analysieren about that – but haven't used that for ages.

      See also Windows Performance Analyzer in Microsoft Store.

      Also I would check, if third party security tools or other shell add ins are responsible for that behavior. One German supporter told me, that old Intel drivers (together with antivirus software) are responsible for many behaviors (see also this post). Update the drivers and install the updates afterward may help.

      BTW: You are not alone, if I read that postcorrectly.

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