Windows: Black Screen after July 2023 updates KB5028166 and KB5028171

Windows[German]Another brief addendum from the July 2023 patchday, because the August 2023 security updates are  luring around the corner. I received some user reports that July 2023 updates on Windows 10 (KB5028166) and Windows Server 2022 (KB5028171) are causing a black screen. In the case of Windows Server 2022, Supermicro server systems are particularly affected. Here's a brief summary, what's reported.


Updates KB5028166 and KB5028171

Cumulative Update KB5028171 was released on July 11, 2023 for Windows Server 2022 and is supposed to fix a whole bunch of bugs. I had given details of these fixes in the blog post Patchday: Windows 11/Server 2022-Updates (July 11, 2023). Updates KB5028166 for Windows 10 has been mentioned within the blog post Patchday: Windows 10-Updates (July 11, 2023).

Black screen after July 2023 updates

In the aftermath of July 2023, various administrators have reported problems with a black screen on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2022 after installing the July 2023 security updates. However, the problem does not seem to be particularly widespread, as I have not found any other reports on the web.

Windows Server 2022: Black screen after KB5028171

In the comments to the German post Patchday: Windows 11/Server 2022-Updates (11. Juli 2023), DirkF had posted the following comment (I've translated the comment) and reported a black screen.

As "burnt" for applying updates too late I have installed on a server 2022 hours the updates KB5028171 and KB5027127 which were offered to me. Routine job …

The server, a Supermicro from 2023, booted normally, but only a black screen was visible. Network access via SMB was possible and the services seemed to run normally. In a short moment, a single access via IPMI was possible and I saw in the event viewer umpteen errors "Dwminit".

These occurred exactly after the update and reboot. Access via RDP, TV or IPMI was no longer possible after another reboot. The updates could be uninstalled via safe mode and everything was "normal" again.

On a second server 2022, also a Supermicro, exactly the same error entries appear in the event viewer after the update, but it can "still" be reached via RDP and TV.

In a follow-up comment, DirkF added the following information:

Even after reinstalling the KB5028171 update, the error persists. Access to the server via RDP is not possible. Errors continue to be produced. (Dwminit, The Desktop Window Manager process has been terminated. (Process exit code: 0x800401f0, Restart counter: 8, Primary display device ID: Microsoft Basic Display Driver) etc. every 5 sec).

Update KB5028171 has now been uninstalled and an update pause has been set. Access is possible again.

Another German blog reader confirmed problems with update KB5028171 on Supermirco systems, which cause the login via RDP to abort and then errors on Dwminit are found in the event log. However, my search on the Internet during writing this blog post did not yield any further hits – so it could be that it has to do with a special hardware constellation.


Windows 10: Black screen after KB5028166

In the English-language blog, Marcos, an administrator who are responsible for a large fleet of Windows 10 clients, has reported a black screen on seven of over 1,000 machines.

after to install kb5028166 patch, we are having a black screen issue.

I would like to know how I can prevent that.
Could you help me?

I did the installing of that patch above in around 1000 machines, but im getting that issue in 7 machines.

Is a bit strange picture that only few machines run into this problem. Anyone who has experienced similar problems?

Addendum: Within my German blog, there is a discussion, that in some cases the Backup Assistant is the culprit – uninstalling the CryptoSafeguard driver fixes the issue.

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6 Responses to Windows: Black Screen after July 2023 updates KB5028166 and KB5028171

  1. Christian Hofmann says:

    We have the black screen problem here on a lot of DELL Latetude Laptops as wenn as on a OptiPlex 5090 micro workstation.
    What we found is that on most computers Windows 10 starts but as soon as you log on the display is black.
    In the event viewer (using SafeMode) we see some services that could not start and mainly some scripts and programs that run at logon time and indicate that the application can not be executed because it is blocked by a GPO. As we have a GPO for AppBlocking, we are currently investiging what's going on and why suddenly there is a new program that needs to be started at logon time cuasing this bug.

  2. Rodger Hamilton says:

    @christian Hofmann have you got any updates to this issue?

  3. IT Wizards says:

    Hello, Got it fixed by latest update form BackupAssist CryptoSafeGuard Driver:
    BackupAssist Classic v12.0.4r1

    Released August 28th, 2023
    Urgent fix releaseUrgent: Avoid "black screen" and other Remote Desktop/Team Viewer connection issues after reboots on installations that have applied Windows update KB5028166 on Windows 11 and KB5028171 on Windows Server 2022.

    The root cause is a change in the OS that causes some services to fail to start when driver operations are unexpectedly handled as failures (eg. in CryptoSafeGuard Shield, various Anti-Malware drivers, etc)

    • Sam Elmore says:

      Thank you so much for this tip! I have been struggling with this on 3 of 5 physical machines on my network. The key was BackupAssist. We only have BackupAssist (v12.0.3) installed on those 3 machines that are having the dwminit crashing issue with remote desktop. I never put the pieces together until your comment here. I just upgraded one of those machines to BackupAssist 12.0.5 and I'm back in business on that machine. Will be rolling it out to the other machines soon. Will be nice to be able to manage via remote desktop again!

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  5. Rodger Hamilton says:

    Did you guys notice an event ID on your impacted machines of 270 as discussed here?

    Applications and Services > Microsoft > Windows > StateRepositry > Operational > Event ID 270

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