Windows 11 24H2 and "Windows 12" are proably scheduled for release in 2024

Windows[German]Support for Windows 10 will expire for most systems at the end of 2025. Something should therefore happen in 2024 in terms of a "successor". I think it's safe to assume that a feature update for Windows 11 will be released in 24H2 – unless hell freezes over in Redmond because the co-pilot has taken over. Interesting fact: Microsoft also seems to be planning something in the direction of "Managed Service Accounts" to prevent Kerberoasting attacks on network environments. And there has long been a rumor that Microsoft is working internally on a "Windows 12". Rumor has it that manufacturers will receive this Windows as early as 2024 in order to develop devices and possibly launch them on the market in July 2024. The development of this Windows will then move towards more online and more AI features.


Will 2024 see "Windows 12"

There have been rumors and indications of a successor to Windows 11 for some time now – and this operating system has been circulating in the media as "Windows 12". I have already written several articles on this topic here in the blog (see links at the end of the article). The following screenshot of VMware vSphere 8 already offers "Windows 12" as the guest operating system when setting up a new virtual machine.

"Windows 12" als vSphere 8-Gast

Microsoft itself is keeping a low profile regarding these plans. Now the Taiwan Commercial Times (CTEE) is reporting on statements made by Quanta Chairman Lin Baili and Acer Chairman and CEO Chen Junsheng at the Medical Technology Exhibition that just took place in Taiwan (the US magazine Techspot picked up on this here, and has this article). Microsoft is said to be planning to launch Microsoft Windows (12) in June 2024 along with a wide range of AI-based PCs. Both CEOs were optimistic that this would bring the companies good business results in 2024.

Background information: Twaiwan-based Acer is a well-known manufacturer of notebooks and PCs, while Quanta Computer in Taiwan produces PCs and notebooks as well as other electronic hardware.

The Taiwan Commercial Times (CTEE) writes that "Microsoft's Windows 12, which will be available in June 2024", is expected to introduce a large number of AI technologies and become the market leader for AI PCs. The Chairman of Quanta, Barry Lin, and the Chairman and CEO of Acer, Chen Chun-sheng, are both optimistic about the business opportunities of AI edge computing. Barry Lin emphasized that AI PCs could come to market next summer and Quanta will be the first company to invest in them, while J.S. Chen reiterated that generative AI has opened up new opportunities for the PC industry and that AI PCs are already on the rise and will continue to accelerate.

The date is probably very close to Computex 2024, so it could be that Microsoft will bring the curtain down in spring or early summer 2024 and then announce a successor to Windows 11. Whether this will be called "Windows 12" remains to be seen. There is no doubt that the journey will be more in the direction of AI – and therefore more online. Whether the devices will already have AI chips on board remains to be seen. I don't see any hope that "Windows 12" will be "something decent that could replace Windows 10". Unless you go for "more AI and more online".


Windows 11 24H2 is coming in fall 2024

It is certain that there will be a successor to the recently released Windows 11 23H2 in 2024. Microsoft has set a target of one feature update per year and "a new version of Windows every three years".

Windows 11 24H2

This week I came across the above tweetfrom Tero Alhonen (the tab was still open because I didn't have time to take a closer look and pick up on the iM blog topic). Tero Alhonen was experimenting with new group policies and came across the entry "At least Windows 11 Version 24H2" in the "Supported on" field in the "Enable Delegated Managed Service Account logons" policy. This is firstly a reference to Windows 11 version 24H2, and secondly an indicator that Microsoft finally wants to force Delegated Managed Service Account logons.

Managed Service Accounts upgraded?

And it was precisely this "Enable Delegated Managed Service Account logons" that triggered me and prompted me to leave the tab with the tweet open in order to draw attention to another topic. Because a few days ago I came across the German post "Microsoft-Netzwerke: Das große Security-Desaster in der IT" by Holger Voges from the colleagues at Golem. Voges takes a look at Microsoft's networks and shows that many things could be more secure if Microsoft were to present certain functions that are on board more widely and, if necessary, activate them. In addition to the topic of LAPS (which we have already covered here on the blog), the article also mentions the Managed Service Account. This function can be used to prevent Kerberoasting attacks. The article should be well worth reading for admins in the corporate environment – and the above guideline indicates that Windows 11 24H2 is doing something in this regard.

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Windows 11 24H2 and "Windows 12" are proably scheduled for release in 2024

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