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Amazon and EU reach agreement in competition proceedings

[German]Amazon has reached a settlement with EU antitrust authorities in a competition case involving allegations that Amazon is hindering competition on its platform by using non-public data. Amazon has pledged to treat all sellers equally and make competitors' products more … Continue reading

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Amazon's value drops by 1,000 billion; 10,000 employees will be laid off this week

[German]US online seller Amazon is currently experiencing stormy times. The company has suffered a dramatic loss of value in its share price, which reaches 1,000 billion US dollars. It has now been rumored that Amazon is likely to make major … Continue reading

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How to find weak passwords in Active Directory and eliminate them with PowerShell

[Sponsored Post]Weak or compromised passwords are a known gateway for attackers. If you are able to identify which users in Active Directory (AD) are threatened by this, then PowerShell can help to remedy it. However, PowerShell scripts cannot eliminate basic AD deficits, other tools are needed for this. More ...

Amazon AWS cloud outage causes chaos (2021/12/08)

[German]As of today, December 8, 2021, there was a major outage of Amazon AWS services in the US. The Amazon Cloud service was disrupted for about 8 hours, and all users who relied on this service were pretty much left … Continue reading

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Amazon allows no more Synology NAS Backups to Cloud Drive

[German]U.S. cloud provider Amazon adds the ability to run backups and synchronizations of Synology NAS drives with Synology programs in its consumer cloud drive service. As of November 1, 2020, Amazon will only allow its own apps to access these … Continue reading

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Cyber attac (DDoS) at Amazon AWS

[German]Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been the target of a distributed DDoS attack on August 23, 2019. Websites and apps were unavailable and customers were affected. Advertising

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